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Un message aux sceptiques par
L'eau monte doucement mais inexorablement, chaque centimètre augmente les ri…
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5 weeks ago by briantrice
Was Banksy Involved in a Banana Prank in Cincinnati?
It is unclear whether the museum visitors who happened to be present in the gallery during this intervention would have had the time to absorb such a profound and esoteric lesson, given that the average time viewers tend to look at visual art has been estimated to be 15 to 30 seconds. Still, the image of the tantalizing banana might appeal to Banksy fans simply as a sign of the provocative artist have been there.
art  banksy 
6 weeks ago by craniac
RT : saw a exhibition today. Thought you would appreciate this one
Banksy  from twitter
6 weeks ago by gaelicWizard
And then, can’t help imagining it 200+ years and decorated by
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9 weeks ago by peterhoneyman
Tinkering with affinitybyserif photo. 😋😊🧡 Thinking 💭 about love ❤️ the universe and everything 😘
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november 2018 by sneakerpeet
And the winner of our office costume contest is... this epic compilation! 🖼✂️💐🍌🔫☔️🎈❤️💯…
Halloween  Banksy  from twitter_favs
october 2018 by ry4an
The Anarchy, Piety and Celebrity of Banksy’s Auto-Destructive Prank | Frieze
What a brief history of creative destruction reveals about the Sotheby’s shredding stunt
art  destruction  artmarket  banksy 
october 2018 by yhancik
Banksys geschreddertes Bild: Zu früh auf den Knopf gedrückt?
Somehow it's an even better expression of his point about the art market: he tried to destroy it at the moment of sale but only succeeded in creating another work.
october 2018 by yorksranter
Be the change you want to see, travel green.
trains  ecotravel  Banksy  from twitter
october 2018 by loco2

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