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Jason Bateman’s Dry, Witty Humor Will Star in Hyundai’s Super Bowl Ad – Adweek
Running in the first quarter of the NFL’s title game in Atlanta, the commercial will focus on the Hyundai Shopper Assurance program, defined by the brand as a “frictionless, efficient and transparent experience.”
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20 hours ago by automotive
Watch new TV ads from VW, Axe, Bud Light and more | Hot Spots - Ad Age
Volkswagen: Hooky
Premiered on: NFL Football, NBC
Volkswagen data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 981,882,387 (3% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $15,966,478 (3% of industry)
Attention Score: 84.01
Attention Index: 88 (12% more interruptions than avg.)
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20 hours ago by automotive
VW signs marketing agreement with U.S. Soccer
Alexi Lalas and Aly Wagner of U.S. soccer fame appeared with the 2020 VW Passat on stage at the Detroit auto show on Monday.
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20 hours ago by automotive
YouTube Artist Prince EA Stumps For Ford 01/14/2019
Dealers have been sharing it with customers, with reaction from all over the country, says Dan Jones, U.S. communications manager for Explorer.

“Partnering with Prince EA was really an interesting part of the reveal,” Jones tells Marketing Daily.  “Explorer is really a symbol that reminds America about exploration and adventure and this kind of wanderlust that somewhere along the way we seem to have lost a little bit. So Prince EA was a really great partner because he has a great center of gravity when it comes to family and vacation time.”
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20 hours ago by automotive
'NYT' Launches Voice-Activated Content, Audi Collaboration For Alexa-Driven Devices 01/14/2019
The company’s move into voice opens up additional opportunities for collaborations with advertisers and sponsors. The Times’ branded content studio T Brand Studio will work with Audi to create a skill for Alexa-enabled devices, an inaugural venture for the publisher.  
vwc  audi  brand  content 
20 hours ago by automotive
MARTECH Advisor – 2019: The Year Of New And Improved Customer Experiences
In a recent article, MARTECH Advisor looked to the timeless wisdom of Brian Solis while discussing how customer experience has become the the key element that sets brands apart from one another.
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yesterday by briansolis
For Silverado campaign, Chevy gets playful in print
Chevy worked with each publisher on the use of the nameplates and cover takeovers to make them "contextually relevant" and "resonate" with the publication's readers.

Edwards said the publications were "very enthusiastic" and "really enjoyed the creative back and forth" regarding the covers.
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yesterday by automotive
LinkedIn – What Does Brand Mean In 2019?
At the recent Brand Innovators Megatrends at CES, Jay Mandel was left pondering the question, "What does brand mean in 2019." He found wisdom in Brian Solis regarding relevance in an ever evolving world of innovation.
brand  innovation  innovators  megatrends  brian+solis  ces  relevance  brian  solis 
yesterday by briansolis
Chevy's latest 'Real People, Not Actors' ad disputed by advocates
The ad, which was published to YouTube on Jan. 1 and began airing on TV this month, claims Chevy has higher reliability than Ford, Honda, Toyota and 23 other brands "based on a recent nationwide survey."

The referenced survey was conducted by Paris-based Ipsos over the last 12 months. It involved owners of 2015 model-year vehicles that were in service from December 2014 to June 2015. But the vehicles shown in the ad are the current versions of the Chevrolet Equinox, Silverado, Traverse and Malibu -- all of which have been redesigned since 2015.
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yesterday by automotive
Hyundai Offers Interactive Video Experience 01/11/2019
“HyundaiShowroom Live” on will allow users to interact in real time with a product specialist, who will answer their questions live as if both the user and specialist were in a showroom together.  Live sessions will be offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to noon PT.
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yesterday by automotive
WOW! Amazing story how George sold tequila for $1 Billion. There's a lot more to it than…
brand  Clooney  Casamigos  from twitter
2 days ago by mandigital
@Logo_Geek @LogoDesignLove Thanks so much, Ian. First photos I’ve seen other than those I took of my copy. Great to know it arrived.:
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3 days ago by dcolanduno
Forbes – Influence And The Influencer: Persuading Audiences Through Social Identity
In a recent Forbes article discussing understanding the exercise of influence and social identity on the public, Brian Solis’ approach to determining influence was quoted alongside the likes of Robert Cialdini & Dale Carnegie.
brand  influencer  briansolis  influence  influencers  social  identity  brian  solis 
4 days ago by briansolis
CMS WiRE – Why Nano-Influencers Are A Social Media Marketers Secret Weapon
A recent article by CMS WiRE, looked to research by Brian Solis, to help explain why “Nano Influencers” with highly focused followings of 1,000 – 5,000, are becoming more important to brands in order to achieve more engagement of highly targeted audiences.
brand  engagement  marketing  brian+solis  influencers  instagram  nano  Social  Media  twitter  brian  solis 
4 days ago by briansolis
Onalytica – An Evaluation Of Brand-Influencer Partnerships
Onalytica recently published a market research report An Evaluation of Brand-Influencer Partnerships: Understanding Motivations, Challenges and Aligning Goals. In the report they surveyed 500 influencers & marketers to gain an understanding from both sides on their motivations, challenges and goals. This is the largest Influencer Marketing Research Report of its kind for marketers focusing on B2B Marketing or B2C Organic influencer programs seeking to drive influence around a specific thought leadership topic or issue.
brand  influencer  business  marketing  human  networks  market  research  report  social  capital  Media 
4 days ago by briansolis
Lincoln and a Popular Dog Photographer Help Reunite Pets With Owners After a Wildfire – Adweek
In an effort to put more awareness and exposure on these pets, specifically dogs, Lincoln teamed up with the NVADG and dog photographer Elias Friedman, founder of The Dogist on Instagram, followed by an audience of 3.4 million. A film, created by WPP boutique agency Hudson Rouge, documents the heartbreaking, yet hopeful journey of Paradise residents and the importance these pets have to the town’s healing.

fordc  lincoln  brand  content  agency 
5 days ago by automotive
Watch new TV ads from Audi, Walmart, Chevy and more | Hot Spots - Ad Age
Chevrolet: A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll
Premiered on: CFP National Championship, ESPN
Chevrolet data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 3,773,128,092 (10% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $58,157,986 (13% of industry)
Attention Score: 83.06
Attention Index: 86 (14% more interruptions than avg.)

Audi: Layers
Premiered on: FBN AM, Fox Business
Audi data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 589,502,809 (2% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $5,576,579 (1% of industry)
Attention Score: 87.42
Attention Index: 114 (14% fewer interruptions than avg.)
vwc  audi  gm  chevrolet  brand  content 
5 days ago by automotive

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