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NARRATOR: In fact, lines to check passports was precisely that for which Colin voted.

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Narrator: It was exactly the he had voted for.
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Can Farming Make Space for Nature?
The C.A.P. consumes sixty-five billion dollars a year, about forty per cent of the E.U.’s budget; for decades, it has been criticized for its perverse incentives and environmental impact. In 2016, the C.A.P. was among the bureaucratic monstrosities of the E.U. that helped drive the vote for Brexit. Leaving the bloc has led to the first reform of agricultural policy in almost fifty years. “It is a reset moment,” Minette Batters, the leader of the National Farmers Union, told me. Beginning next year, British farming will transition to a new system of support, which will be linked to “public goods,” such as water quality an
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Großbritannien: Die Illusion einer Leistungsgesellschaft | ZEIT ONLINE
It would be better if this cited Michael Young rather than just sacking his book like a gang of Vikings
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