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And so finally we arrive in the vicinity of the cliff-edge... and what do we see, the normal self-indulgent…
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6 hours ago by freerange_inc
Brexit truth
Well, some stuff about treaties. Nothing about other stuff, really.
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7 hours ago by traggett
British PM May tries to convince skeptical Parliament a Brexit deal is still possible | CBC News
A bit embarassing we don't know who Scotland's First Minister is <_<

May will meet with her cabinet on Tuesday.

After her speech to Parliament Monday she met with Nicole Sturgeon. Scotland's First Minister said in a statement after the meeting, "it remains clear that there remain fundamental issues to be resolved between the U.K. and the EU."
9 hours ago by shadowspar
Here’s a list of all the places where you will not be allowed to wear a poppy – U OK Hun?
"I had a fascinating chat a few years ago with a British veteran who took part in the D-Day landings at Gold Beach in Normandy in June 1944.

He told me about a conversation that he had with one of the other soldiers on the vessel while they were leaping out into the shallow waters and approached the beach with Nazi machine gun bullets shooting past their helmets.

Apparently, he asked him why they were actually doing this and risking their lives.

He replied, ‘It’s quite simple really. In 74 years’ time, British people will be able to use this story to justify leaving the European Union without paying any sort of divorce bill.’"
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14 hours ago by ssam
The thought of Big Ben’s chimes on day, Mrs Thatcher on the Fifty, my blue passport & being…
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17 hours ago by Eyebee
Just met PM to discuss state of play in talks. Appreciated her update. Clear though that there are some fun…
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18 hours ago by sabatini
UCU members have overwhelmingly backed a referendum on the final deal secured by the government.
89% of me…
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21 hours ago by andfilmer

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