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Progressive web apps: The state of installability (Voorhoede)
It feels pretty good to see my single code base being used in so many different environments. I like to reach as many people as possible and now I can create three native apps in a day from my single code base. In the long run I can continue to focus on improving the user experience by investing in my web app and profit on all platforms at once, without going through the whole release cycle for the stores again. This does not only sound like a great technical architecture, but it sounds like a wise business decision! I can sell PWA's better to my clients now and you can do so too.
javascript  webdevelopment  apps  mobile  browsers  pwa  ux 
yesterday by Shoord
4 Creative Ways to JavaScript Timing in Browsers – Omar Alshaker – My mostly but not fully tech blog
Not sure if I'd ever really need these but there's some clever stuff to stash away for someday
javascript  browsers  programming 
2 days ago by leereamsnyder
Autofill on Browsers: A Deep Dive
Covers both credit cards and addresses (which seem to work pretty well)
webdesign  forms  usability  browsers  html 
2 days ago by leereamsnyder
Why Chrome Is Going to Start Blocking Some of Your Downloads
When Google Chrome starts blocking your downloads in a few months, know that it’s nothing personal; the browser is just doing its best to keep you safe. You should also know that Chrome isn’t flawless, and you should still be running regular antivirus and antimalware scans—and avoiding shitty websites and their malware.
browsers  google  chrome 
6 days ago by renee9656

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