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Hardware Founders: (When) Should You Try To Raise VC Money?
If you choose to raise any amount of venture capital investment you are making an implicit agreement with your investor that your aim is to grow the company to a valuation of more than $1bn within 5–10 years. Given a typical hardware multiple of 5x, that’s a minimum of $200m in yearly revenue. That is an incredibly large amount of money.
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1 hour ago by ssorc
Are Accelerators the Secret to Building Truly Great Startup Hubs?
Since Y Combinator’s appearance in 2005, accelerators have been viewed all over the world as magical catapults for taking tech startups to the next level. But are accelerators the silver bullet solution to turning a city, region, or country into the next Silicon Valley? Can they bring traditional companies into the new wave of rapid-paced innovation?

To answer these questions, we engaged in extensive research in nine startup ecosystems around the world covering over 5,000 startup ventures, 80 accelerators, and 300 incubators and other support programs. These ecosystems ranged from mature and advanced ones, such as New York and Singapore, to more nascent and maturing ecosystems, such as Dar es Salaam and Beirut.
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Brand Colours To Make Your Business STAND OUT via
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Ross Johnson - "Nobody is worth paying 50K for mentorship" This...
"Nobody is worth paying 50K for mentorship"

This ridiculous statement was made by a person who is going to have a very hard time creating a successful business.

If you aren't willing to invest an appropriate amount of money to help reaching your goals... good luck.

I've spent over 100K on mentors and I continue to spend 5-15K on business/personal development every month.

Does that make me crazy?


But I also know what works and I double down on that.

Something thats always worked for me is to invest in myself to become better, faster, and smarter.

It's always had an exponential return on investment.

Which is why I'm alway willing to invest in the right help to get where I'm going.

The reality is that if you want someone to help you make 100 million dollars... 50K is nothing.

So instead of limiting your mindset around how much your willing to invest in yourself, put it into context of what you can gain as a result.

Mentorship has been the ONLY thing that has ever made an impact in my business and life.

It's the #1 thing I recommend for someone who wants to do anything in life wether it's weight loss or business mentorship is the key to success.
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yesterday by lwhlihu
What Is Product Marketing?
Stage #3. Teaching Out Positioning & Messaging
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yesterday by otis
How to beat LinkedIn: The Game
A strategy guide for using a semi-pointless social network in all the wrong ways.
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yesterday by ssorc

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