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Zillow Wants to Flip Your House - Bloomberg
Zillow has entered with ibuy putting themselves between the house and theagent.

As a consumer it’s valuable to me because I will gladly pay an extra 4% to cut out all the work. Let’s say I sell a house for half $1 million but have to pay an extra 4% on it that’s an extra $20,000? Well worth it if it saves me months of work and stress. The question remains does Zillow make is it a good business venture for still on?

This thing with Zillow really only seems to work with houses that you can instant by Polo market rates. Because it’s definitely useful for the consumer but how are you they supposed to make money if they offer fair market rate.

The margins are already so low and they have to hold onto inventory so I don’t see how it works

Vs how they operate now - no risk.

Send to Alex.
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1 hour ago by christopherming
Plastic Packaging vs. Alternatives
A website from the plastics lobby about how plastic is better than the alternatives.
plastics  lobbying  business 
2 hours ago by ampersanderson
3 Tips For Selling A Family-Owned Business
While most family business owners dream of keeping their business within the family, that is not always a realistic option, and they may have to make the hard decision of who will take over as the new owner. Learn about a few essential tips to keep in mind when selling a family-owned business.
selling  business  family 
4 hours ago by Adventure_Web
Netflix won the streaming war, and everyone else is fighting for second place – BGR
Remember when cutting the cord was supposed to make our lives easier? Well, in a somewhat ironic turn of events, the popularity of streaming services today has reached a point where it's nearly as much of a muddled mess as the complex cable packages of old.
5 hours ago by jellis
How To Have a Successful Trade Show: Tips For Business Owners
To ensure you have a successful trade show, read on for some essential tips and information on the benefits of hiring an experienced trade show logistics company.
trade-show  business  business-owners 
5 hours ago by Adventure_Web
Y Combinator Resources for Developers
YC has built many resources that may be helpful for developers over the years. This page collects them in one place.
business  ycombinator  startup  bestpractices  programming 
7 hours ago by RBarnard
The 7 Best WordPress Popup Plugins – (Winter 2019 Review)
Popups are a controversial topic, to say the least. Are they effective? Are they annoying? Do they work? Truthfully, the answer depends on who you ask.
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9 hours ago by williger
Digital Transformation’s Missing Link Is Zero Trust
"Gaps exist between the results digital transformation initiatives are delivering today, and the customer-driven value they’re capable of. According to Gartner, 75% of digital transformation projects are not aligned internally today, leading to delayed new product launches, mediocre experiences, and greater security risks than ever before."
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9 hours ago by jonerp

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