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The 10 Best CRMs for Small Business in 2018
Here are the ten best CRMs for small businesses that we found after researching dozens in the category.
crm  business 
40 minutes ago by ssorc
Enterprises and smaller companies use our platform and services to more clearly understand customers, create better products, and grow businesses.
startup  business 
3 hours ago by bonkey
Free Conference Calls | Try UberConference, the Best in Conferencing
UberConference is the best free conference call. Simple, visual, and free to use, you can easily set up and join free conference calls without PINS, see who is on the call, and use powerful conferencing features.
collaboration  meetings  Conferencing  business  tools  screenshare 
4 hours ago by zbuttram
When your insurer denies a valid claim because of 'lack of medical necessity'
Yet the number of people covered is only half the healthcare story. The other is quality of coverage for those fortunate enough to have health insurance.
Frequently, it can be a struggle for patients to receive coverage for legitimate claims. Denial letters from profit-minded insurers are an all-too-common aspect of our healthcare system, requiring patients and their families to jump through deliberately tedious bureaucratic hoops at a time when their attention is elsewhere. ...
A 2011 study by the Government Accountability Office found that many denials can be traced to largely trivial bureaucratic issues, such as a missing form or an incorrect billing code.
The study found that when patients challenged the insurers' denials, about half of the rejected claims ended up being covered.
Think about that. Claims get rejected about half the time for dubious reasons — or, the cynic in me wants to say, because the insurer is curious to see if the patient has the wherewithal and stamina to navigate the appeals process.
"Why do insurance companies do this? One word: profits," said Chuck Idelson, a spokesman for the California Nurses Assn., which supports a Medicare-for-all insurance system. "It is immoral and unconscionable."
healthcare  business  politics  business_fail 
5 hours ago by jimmykduong
Steve Jobs on Excuses | RexBlog
A member of management (such as a VP) has no excuse.
steve-jobs  quotes  business 
6 hours ago by lorenzck

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