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BuzzFeed to Cut 15% of Its Workforce
Lukas I. Alpert and Benjamin Mullin/The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 23, 2019.
buzzfeed  layoffs 
16 minutes ago by markcoddington
BuzzFeed's layoffs won't kill it. But they have changed it.
These weren’t just bylines, they were internet personalities. And so on media Twitter the job losses sparked an outpouring of grief, sympathy, and handwringing disproportionate to their sheer number. T
buzzfeed  media  layoffs 
8 days ago by jomc
The layoffs at BuzzFeed and the case of the teenaged quizmaker • The New Yorker
Charles Bethea:
<p>the company laid off some two hundred members of its staff, including its director of quizzes, Matthew Perpetua, who shared the news in a blog post, on Monday, titled “How Laid Off Are You?” Perpetua came to BuzzFeed in 2012, after he was laid off by Rolling Stone; he became the company’s first quiz master editor three years later. During his tenure, a quiz that asked “What state should you live in?” was viewed fifty million times.

Perpetua’s blog post noted that “a LOT” of BuzzFeed’s traffic came from quizzes, and that “a VERY large portion of that traffic comes from a constant flow of amateur quizzes made by community users.” He went on, “In the recent past the second highest traffic driver worldwide has been a community user in Michigan who is a teenager in college who, for some reason, makes dozens of quizzes every week.” A reporter at the Los Angeles Times tweeted a screenshot of that passage, and the tweet went semi-viral. Eventually, the Michigan teenager, whom Perpetua had not named, chimed in. “Okay... so I kinda feel horrible,” she tweeted. “If my hobby is partial cause for these layoffs, especially with those in the ‘quiz section’, I never intended to do so. I make the quizzes for fun, I didn’t know it would turn bad.”

The teenager in question, Rachel McMahon, is a sophomore at Grand Valley State University, outside of Grand Rapids. Her quizzes drew a hundred and thirty million views in 2018, making her, according to BuzzFeed, the fifth-highest traffic driver worldwide last year. (She did climb as high as No. 2 in some months.)</p>

And she didn't get paid - apart from a few items of schwag. But Perpetua's blogpost, and the subsequent blizzard of interviews, has had a good effect: she might now get a job straight out of college. Or earlier. What's the betting that it's never as visible as the things she did while in college?
buzzfeed  quiz  work 
18 days ago by charlesarthur
BuzzFeed’s unpaid quiz genius, Rachel McMahon, on the layoffs and why she works for free.
A job at BuzzFeed was something I had seriously thought of, but I wasn’t too confident I’d ever be able to make it into such a big company. Now, I don’t think I see it as much of a career option.
20 days ago by s218611

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