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What are the best CSS single-file stylesheets that you can drop into a semantically correct HTML5 document (i.e.: proper usage of markup) and make the page beautiful? Bonus points if it undoes the "fluidity" of the default UA stylesheet, which makes text hard to read.
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44 minutes ago by mikael
Frosting Glass with CSS Filters | CSS-Tricks
While helping my lovely wife with a project, I got to step back into CSS effects. Nice little walk-through.
css  effects  effect  publish 
2 hours ago by iamthefury
Set a Timed Debugger To Web Inspect Hard-To-Grab Elements | CSS-Tricks
The trick is to fire a debugger; right when you need it
A debugger; statement, when the DevTools are open, kinda freezes the DOM. No more events are fired and script excecution is completely paused.

But... you can still use DevTools!

This is your opportunity to select that otherwise-impossible thing to select and do what you need to do. You can put that debugger; statement right in your code where you need it (remember DevTools has to be open for it to work). Or (Tim Holman taught me the trick) you can trigger it with a setTimeout() right from the console.
Frontend  CSS  devtools 
yesterday by 1luke2
Refresh CSS Bookmarklet v2
> It’s incredibly elegant in its simplicity. It works everywhere: locally or remotely, on any domain and protocol. No need to set up anything, no need to alter my process in any way, no need to use a specific local server or tool.

Very nice update to the original "Reload CSS" bookmarklet.
web  css 
yesterday by sonniesedge
How To Create a Dropdown Menu With CSS and JavaScript
/* When the user clicks on the button,
toggle between hiding and showing the dropdown content */
function myFunction() {
html  css  howto  javascript 
yesterday by Steve_Z

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