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甲状腺髓样癌  mtc  health  thyroid  cancer 
11 hours ago by dlutcat
新一代RET抑制剂的头对头较量:BLU-667 vs LOXO-292_新浪医药新闻
作者:禾木 PharmcubeRET(rearranged during transfection)是一个原癌基因,位于10号染色体。RET
RET  MTC  cancer  thyroid 
11 hours ago by dlutcat
Today I received my scan results, which show a complete metabolic response. In other words, MY CANCER IS GO…
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21 hours ago by parsingphase
Rainforest vine compound starves pancreatic cancer cells
The researchers found that this new compound killed pancreatic cancer cells under conditions of nutrient starvation but not when nutrients were plentiful. Ancistrolikokine E3 also inhibited cancer cell migration and colonization in lab tests, which suggests that the compound could help prevent metastasis in patients.
science  medicine  cancer 
23 hours ago by emkay
The Link Between Diet Quality and CRC Outcomes | Cancer Network
Badly written but I think the gist is that it is worth changing your diet after a non-metastatic colorectal cancer diagnosis as it will improve survival even if your diet before then was crappy.

“Consistently observed inverse associations suggest that prognosis may improve with better post-diagnosis diet, even when prediagnosis diet quality was relatively low,” the researchers wrote. “These results were supported further in postdiagnostic models that identified statistically significant associations between diet quality and mortality that were independent of prediagnosis diet quality.”

Based on these results, the researchers wrote that recommendations should be made in support of high diet quality before and after colorectal cancer diagnosis to improve survival.

“Collectively, the results from all dietary patterns suggest that consumption of a diet high in plant products and fiber while limiting red and processed meat and added sugars both before and after diagnosis may be beneficial,” the researchers wrote.
cancer  diet 
yesterday by cnk
13-year-old Rishab Jain won the 2018 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for making a tool to help treat pancreatic cancer more safely. His ambitious work is an inspiration to all.
cancer  research  medicine  ai 
yesterday by bradbarrish
Impact of diet on prostate cancer: a review | Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases
dietary fat and prostate cancer
looks to me like the correlation studies in humans are inconclusive
prostate  cancer  fat 
yesterday by brentfarwick
Pancreatic cancer’s addiction could be its end
Cold Spring Harbor, NY — Cancer cells are often described as cells “gone bad” or “renegade.” New research reveals that in some of the deadliest cases of pancreatic cancer, these rebellious cells have an unexpected addiction. Now, scientists are investigating if that addiction can be used to bring about a tumor’s end. Cold Spring Harbor...
cancer  research 
yesterday by bradbarrish
Jury delivers $25.5 million 'statement' to Aetna to change its ways - CNN
(CNN)An Oklahoma jury has awarded $25.5 million to the family of a cancer patient denied coverage by Aetna, with jurors saying that the insurer acted "recklessly" and that the verdict was meant as a message for Aetna to change its ways.
The award is believed to be the largest verdict in an individual "bad faith" insurance case in Oklahoma history, one court observer said, and could have major ramifications across the country for a form of cancer treatment called proton beam therapy.
The case revolved around the 2014 denial of coverage for Orrana Cunningham, who had stage 4 nasopharyngeal cancer near her brain stem. Her doctors wanted her to receive proton beam therapy, a targeted form of radiation that could pinpoint her tumor without the potential for blindness or other side effects of standard radiation.
Aetna denied her coverage, calling the therapy investigational and experimental.
health  insurance  legal  business  money  cancer 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Cancer stem cells get energy from protein, and it's proving to be their Achilles' heel
Healthy cells don't need to metabolize protein. The current study shows that cancer stem cells do need to metabolize protein. And this difference is proving to be an Achilles' heel that allows researchers to target cancer stem cells without harming healthy cells -- the approach has already proven effective in clinical trials against acute myeloid leukemia and holds promise for other cancers including breast, pancreatic, and liver.
science  medicine  cancer 
2 days ago by emkay
Thank you to for saying this about martial metaphors and
It cannot be said often enough.
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4 days ago by brokenbottleboy
Researchers Explore a Cancer Paradox - The New York Times
Healthy cells carry a surprising number of cancer-linked mutations, but they don’t turn into tumors. What’s holding them back?
cancer  Cell  mutations  healthcare  counterpoint  growth 
5 days ago by PieroRivizzigno

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