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The Herald of Disaster, or: Why you should welcome regulations
Even so quite a few people — generally right-wing people, I generally notice — don’t like regulations. There are regular calls for “a bonfire of red tape”; conservatives (with a small c) cheer the idea of not having so many “rules and regulations” to follow. Leaving the European Union will mean “fewer regulations!”, which some see as a cause for celebration. Regulations make a lovely political football, because they don’t seem to enable anything. They seem to hold things back, and politicians love to be the ones making things freer.

That sort of thinking, however convenient, is dangerous.

Rules and regulations tend to exist for a reason.
by:CharlesArthur  from:Medium  regulation  capitalism  disaster 
2 days ago by owenblacker
The Personal Business of Being Laid Off | Hazlitt
I was then instructed to leave the office within five minutes with my coat and bag (the rest of my stuff would be mailed to me) and to absolutely not say goodbye to anyone so as to not disrupt the process. My emails and Google Docs disappeared as I was in my meeting, I was not given a chance to save anything.

I soon learned that when you’re in the world of freelance writing, regardless of how sought after you become, how many Twitter followers you have or impressive American bylines you accumulate, you begin grasping for the validation and security of either a book deal or a staff position. Choosing to work in media, especially if you’re a writer, means being steeped in layoffs and restructuring, even when your position is theoretically permanent. This reality is well known the moment you begin writing with the intention of being on a staff anywhere. Because of this, obtaining a salaried job with benefits feels more like winning a prize than a natural career step.
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2 days ago by craniac
Amazon Prime Day hauls will be more expensive to ship this year
"Prime Day was created specifically to artificially manufacture demand during a lackluster period so capacity is not particularly strained," said Zvi Schreiber, CEO of Freightos, an online platform where companies can book space on cargo planes and compare rates. "That said, Amazon’s sale schedule has gotten traction. We did see a 25 percent increase in shipments to [Amazon fulfillment centers] in the month leading up to Prime Day."
2 days ago by craniac

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