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Google’s Dragonfly will intensify surveillance on journalists in China - @CJR
Mia Shuang Li outlines some of the ways Google's proposed Beijing-friendly search engine, Dragonfly, would impact journalism in China, stating that it would become yet another "part of the Communist Party of China’s surveillance apparatus" and "aid the CPC in broad censorship." In addition, when it comes to government data requests, a "CPC-compliant Google would be unlikely to protect data from apps like Gmail and Google Docs," putting users in the country at risk. Beyond China, "Dragonfly would embolden other authoritarian states regarding censorship," setting a troublesome precedent.

+ Google CEO Sundar Pichai faced tough questions about the Dragonfly project from members of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, The Intercept reports.

+ Google is looking into setting up an office in Vietnam as Hanoi's new cybersecurity law is set to come into effect next month, Reuters reports.
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16 hours ago by dmcdev
Russian lawmakers want to jail Internet users who ‘blatantly disrespect the state’
"Three federal lawmakers have drafted legislation that would tweak Russia’s misdemeanor statutes against disorderly conduct to ban the online publication of materials that 'blatantly disrespect Russian society, the state, official state symbols, the Russian Constitution, and law enforcement agencies.' Perpetrators convicted under this new law would face fines as high as 5,000 rubles ($75) or up to 15 days in jail. The legislation’s sponsors say the punishment would apply when Internet users publish such 'disrespect' without committing any criminal offense." - Meduza

+ Following this week's news that Russia fined Google for not censoring its search results, Meduza provides a concise timeline of the two years worth of back-and-forth that's led to this point.
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16 hours ago by dmcdev
Crackdown in Beijing: 'Using Twitter is more dangerous than street demonstrations'
Though it's already blocked in China, Beijing is cracking down on Twitter users who access the social media site via circumvention tools, reports Global Voices Advocacy: "The December 5 release of 42 testimonies collected by China Change [], a Chinese human rights advocacy site, details the ordeals of hundreds of Twitter users who have been detained and interrogated by national security police officers since September 2018. In most cases, police have asked — if not forced — these users to delete their posts or accounts...Mainland Chinese authorities have arrested Twitter users in the past, but there was no clear pattern or evidence of a strategic crackdown...The current crackdown is a new and more worrisome development. It is happening nationwide and is not restricted to a specific online incident or act. The number of Twitter users who have been directly threatened is estimated to be in the hundreds or even more."
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16 hours ago by dmcdev
When the Internet Archive Forgets
the site itself was no longer in the Internet Archive, replaced by the error message: “This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.”..if you deal in a certain bottom-dwelling brand of controversial content and want to avoid accountability, there are at least two different, standardized ways of erasing it from the most reliable third-party web archive on the public internet.
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18 hours ago by jomc
Tumblr will ban all adult content starting December 17th - The Verge
Tumblr will permanently ban adult content from its platform on December 17th in a move that will eradicate porn-related communities on the platform and fundamentally alter how the service is used. The ban includes explicit sexual content and nudity with a few exceptions, the company tells The Verge.
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2 days ago by dk33per
Russia's media regulator fines Google half a million rubles for ignoring local search-engine censorship law
"...Russia’s federal media censor has fined Google for failing to comply with a law that requires online search engines to purge any hyperlinks to materials that are banned in Russia. Google has also refused to connect to the federal information system where these websites are listed. For violating Russia’s Internet censorship rules, Google has been fined 500,000 rubles ($7,520) — less than the maximum fine of 700,000 rubles (about $10,530)."

+ Also in Russia news: grade school students were reported to the police for posting memes about Putin and their teachers, Meduza reports
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2 days ago by dmcdev
Truth and Free Speech Are Being Taken Away From Us
As a country loses its liberty, legal scholars who formerly would have protected liberty turn against it in order to curry favor with power.
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3 days ago by bignose

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