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ericchiang/pup: Parsing HTML at the command line
Parsing HTML at the command line. Contribute to ericchiang/pup development by creating an account on GitHub.
todo  cli  tool  html 
6 hours ago by iiridayn
dbohdan/structured-text-tools: A list of command line tools for manipulating structured text data
A list of command line tools for manipulating structured text data - dbohdan/structured-text-tools
todo  tools  cli  linux 
6 hours ago by iiridayn
Free backup software to store backups online with strong encryption. Works with FTP, SSH, WebDAV, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive and many others.
backup  windows  cli  gui  open  source 
9 hours ago by jgear
πŸ““ Tasks, boards & notes for the command-line habitat
texttools  UI  CLI 
9 hours ago by 1luke2
GitHub - Microsoft/ethr: Ethr is a Network Performance Measurement Tool for TCP, UDP & HTTP.
Ethr takes inspiration from existing open source network performance tools and builds upon those ideas. It is very similar to iPerf3 for bandwidth measurements for TCP. iPerf3 has many more options for doing bandwidth measurements such as throttled testing, richer feature set, while Ethr has support for multiple threads, the ability to scale to 1024 or even higher connections, multiple clients to a single server etc. It is similar to latte on Windows or sockperf on Linux for doing latency measurements.

Ethr is natively cross platform, thanks to golang, as compared to compiling via an abstraction layer like cygwin that may limit functionality.
cli  go  network  performance  tcp 
16 hours ago by whip_lash
Running shell (bash) commands in .NET Core C# | Playing on the frontier
Running shell (bash) commands in .NET Core C#
7 Replies
In a lot of languages and platforms, you can easily execute shell or bash commands – like using back tick for example in PHP:
`echo hello`;
In the .NET Core world, it’s a little bit more involved – so I wrote a helper class:

using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
public static class ShellHelper
public static string Bash(this string cmd)
var escapedArgs = cmd.Replace("\"", "\\\"");

var process = new Process()
StartInfo = new ProcessStartInfo
FileName = "/bin/bash",
Arguments = $"-c \"{escapedArgs}\"",
RedirectStandardOutput = true,
UseShellExecute = false,
CreateNoWindow = true,
string result = process.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd();
return result;
It’s an extension method, so after importing the namespace (if different), you can use it like this:

var output = "ps aux".Bash();
output will contain the STDOUT of the result. Currently STDERR is not captured, but the above could easily be modified to do just that by changing the property RedirectStandardOutput and reading process.StandardError.
c#  dotnet  cli  tools  dev  webdev  appdev 
yesterday by drawkbox
restic Β· Backups done right!
restic is a program that does backups right.
software  backup  encryption  opensource  go  golang  backups  cli  tools  b2 
yesterday by jamescarlos

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