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The Unequal Burden of Climate Change | TNR
It will take time to realize the economic effects of Florence on North Carolina’s poorer, more rural communities. But it is already clear they’re shouldering an unequal burden from the storm. On Monday, North Carolina power company Duke Energy said two of its coal ash pits had breached, spilling toxic-metal laden waste from coal burning into the surrounding environment. Several lagoons of hog feces and urine have also spilled over due to torrential rain. As CityLab noted, “Hispanic low-income communities are disproportionately located near such sites of industry and agriculture, and all of these associated wastes.”
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4 days ago by altoii
Martin Armstrong Asks: "Will Global Warming Sink the Netherlands?" | Zero Hedge
To even listen to some university professor claim that we can save the Netherlands by reducing CO2, I just cannot believe we have such idiots who know nothing and ignore history entirely while professing to students what amounts to just propaganda
terrafiction  roman  netherlands  sealevel  sea  water  climate-change 
8 days ago by thejaymo
Enigma Labs | Temperature Anomalies
"Every day, the Global Historical Climatology Network collects temperatures from 90,000 weather stations. Dating back as far as the late 1700's, the records provide an incredible source of insight into our changing climate. Using this data, we can determine what the weather is normally like for most places on Earth. We can tell you that the average low temperature in New York City on January 11th is 29°F and that the average high temperature in Los Angeles on July 24th is 80°F. Once we know what temperatures to expect on any given day with a certain degree of confidence, we can sift out the uneventful days, leaving only anomalous weather events."
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19 days ago by tsuomela
Denialism: what drives people to reject the truth | News | The Guardian
> The tragedy for denialists is that they concede the argument in advance. Holocaust deniers’ attempts to deny that the Holocaust took place imply that it would not have been a good thing if it had. Climate change denialism is predicated on a similarly hidden acknowledgment that, if anthropogenic climate change were actually occurring, we would have to do something about it.

> Denialism is not a barrier to acknowledging a common moral foundation; it is a barrier to acknowledging moral differences. An end to denialism is therefore a disturbing prospect, as it would involve these moral differences revealing themselves directly. But we need to start preparing for that eventuality, because denialism is starting to break down – and not in a good way.

> Whereas denialism explains – at great length – post-denialism asserts. Whereas denialism is painstakingly thought-through, post-denialism is instinctive. Whereas denialism is disciplined, post-denialism is anarchic.

> The new generation of denialists aren’t creating new, alternative orthodoxies so much as obliterating the very idea of orthodoxy itself.

> Post-denialism represents a freeing of the repressed desires that drive denialism. While it still based on the denial of an established truth, its methods liberate a deeper kind of desire: to remake truth itself, to remake the world, to unleash the power to reorder reality itself and stamp one’s mark on the planet.

> Those who were previously “forced” into Holocaust denial are starting to sense that it may be possible to publicly celebrate genocide once again, to revel in antisemitism’s finest hour.

> Perhaps, if we can face up to the challenge presented by these new revelations, it might pave the way for a politics shorn of illusion and moral masquerade, where different visions of what it is to be human can openly contend. This might be a firmer foundation on which to rekindle some hope for human progress – based not on illusions of what we would like to be, but on an accounting of what we are.
denialism  fake-news  truth  political-debate  political-discourse  vaccines  climate-change  holocaust-denial 
21 days ago by tarakc02

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