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Energy Literacy
Sankey diagram tracing energy sources through sectors of the US economy
climate-change  energy  economics  visualization 
9 days ago by anandthakker
What’s Really Driving Corporate Climate Action?
More companies are attempting to help solve global challenges, but the issue is quite complex, as the goal is to not only take steps to cultivate a sustainable environment, but also to support financial growth. Learn more about what is really driving corporate climate action:
climate  climate-change  corporate 
12 days ago by Adventure_Web
Ecological Imagination
> That is why we need to stop discussing “the environment” and “nature” as if it was outside the world inhabited by humanity.

​> If we are animals, evolving within the complex dynamic of our ecosystem, then our fate is about how well we function within that ecosystem, not about escaping to other planets after trashing this one.

​> Today the global industrial economy is destroying ecosystems, leveling mountains, and spewing hydrocarbons and toxic chemicals into the air and water, and it is not doing all these things to magnanimously create “jobs” or to improve the lives of humans in general. It is doing these things to make profit for financial investors. This is not about civilizational “progress”, it is about justifying continuing inequality and ecocide.
climate-change  society  ecology 
12 days ago by jasdev

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