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Teaching deep learning systems as a craft / skill in a few weeks
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7 days ago by nelson
Opinion | Ruth Bader Hat Guy? Let Our Algorithm Choose Your Halloween Costume - The New York Times
Today’s machine-learning algorithms are considered a form of artificial intelligence, but it’s more helpful to think of them as prediction algorithms
Sometimes, the ways algorithms work can have unexpected and disastrous consequences. In 2013, M.I.T. researchers trained an algorithm that was supposed to figure out how to sort a list of numbers. The humans told the algorithm that the goal was to reduce sorting errors, so the program deleted the list entirely, leaving zero sorting errors. And in 1997, another algorithm was supposed to learn to land an airplane on an aircraft carrier as gently as possible. Instead, it discovered that in its simulation it could land the plane with such huge force that the simulation couldn’t store the measurement, and would register zero force instead.
we didn’t ask those algorithms what the best decision would have been. We only asked them to predict which decisions the humans in its training data would have made
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14 days ago by miaridge

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