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Why Don't People Use Formal Methods? • Hillel Wayne
A really good introduction to the field and current challenges. And entertainingly written: Proofs are hard. Obnoxiously hard. “Quit programming and join the circus” hard. Surprisingly, formal code proofs are often more rigorous than the proofs most mathematicians write! Mathematics is a very creative activity with a definite answer that’s only valid if you show your work. Creativity, formalism, and computers are a bad combination.
formalmethods  computerscience  compsci  engineering 
yesterday by dlkinney
Top PDFs from Hacker News for 2018
Over 500 Top PDFs posted to Hacker News in 2018 | POLAR - Easily manage your PDFs, web content, and notes.
programming  computer-science  CS  computerscience 
12 days ago by kenleyarai

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