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See Douglas Engelbart present the earliest desktop computer
In 1968, computers got personal: How the “mother of all demos” changed the world.
tech  history  computing 
2 days ago by tonys
Workshop on Designing Calm Technology
Uploaded my slides from the Workshop on Calm Technology at ! Thanks to eve…
calm  computing  design  @caseorganic  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by mathpunk
Unix is not an acceptable Unix | Affording Play
"The original designers of Unix viewed the “simplicity” of text streams as an advantage. Consequently, they declined to impose any structure on the data that was to pass between programs. This decision, intended to banish inessential complexity, instead managed only to push essential complexity further downstream. [...] Even the earliest version of Unix was ultimately only a particular, flawed implementation of the Unix philosophy. If we want to encourage more widespread acceptance of the philosophy, we should not try to defend the implementation by downplaying its flaws." (via
linux  unix  computing  interface  ui  history  culture 
3 days ago by aparrish

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