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Eclipse Che | Eclipse Next-Generation IDE for developer teams
Eclipse Che makes Kubernetes development accessible for developer teams, providing one-click developer workspaces and eliminating local environment configuration for your entire team. Che brings your Kubernetes application into your development environment and provides an in-browser IDE, allowing you to code, build, test and run applications exactly as they run on production from any machine.
eclipse  ide  development  collaboration  tool  crossplatform  kubernetes  docker  containers 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
GitHub - openSUSE/umoci: umoci modifies Open Container images
umoci modifies Open Container images. Contribute to openSUSE/umoci development by creating an account on GitHub.
docker  containers  umoci 
2 days ago by hayzer
Docker: Remove Container - Remove All Containers - ShellHacks
How to list running or the all Docker containers and how to remove a Docker container by name or ID. How to remove all Docker containers (forced removal).
docker  rkt  image  images  container  containers 
2 days ago by rdump
Docker: Image vs Container - What is What? - The Main Difference - ShellHacks
The differences between images and containers in Docker and explanation of what is the layer.
docker  rkt  image  images  container  containers 
2 days ago by rdump
Digging into Docker layers - Jessica G - Medium
While running a Docker container recently I wanted to view the contents of each layer that made up the image. TLDR; Layers of a Docker image are essentially just files generated from running some…
docker  rkt  layers  containers  layer  container  images  image 
2 days ago by rdump
IMPAK: Ear Plugs, Pill Organizers & Containers to Simplify Your Life
EarPlugz, Dose-A-Day, Treat Keep, AM/PM Pill-Pak, EarBudz, Pill-Pak Four Pack, IMPAK Grab Bag, Pill-Pak
containers  container  organization  organizing  supplement  supplements 
4 days ago by tylerham

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