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The U.S. Government Has a Secret System for Stalling Patents
Newly released documents reveal that the office, tasked with evaluating and protecting the rights to intellectual property, has a covert system for delaying controversial or inconvenient patents. It’s a system that attorneys say, if abused, could function as a way to limit or stomp out emerging companies
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4 hours ago by orlin
Alexis Ohanian warns against the dangers of "hustle porn" — Quartz at Work

“This idea that unless you are suffering, grinding, working every hour of every day, you’re not working hard enough … this is one of the most toxic, dangerous things in tech right now,” Ohanian said, according to Say’s report. “It’s such bullshit, such utter bullshit. It has deleterious effects not just on your business but on your wellbeing.”
startups  churn  reddit  labor  corruption  capitalism 
yesterday by po
Laura Kuenssberg on Twitter: "No 10 on Jo Johnson ..."
“The referendum in 2016 was the biggest democratic exercise in this country’s history. We will not under any circumstances have a second referendum. The Prime Minister thanks Jo Johnson for his work in government.”

"Under any circumstances" either means no imagination, or death cult.
brexitlies  brexit  corruption  conservatism  uk  politics  quotes  twitter 
2 days ago by np
The Barriers Facing Voters in the Georgia Governor Race - The Atlantic
America is undergoing the kind of slow erosion of democracy that the Voting Rights Act was intended to fight.
The Georgia governor’s race is balanced on a knife’s edge. Local polls have the Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams and her GOP opponent, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, virtually tied. Abrams’s team in particular will scramble to make sure every provisional ballot is completed, that every person who faced challenges to registration is able to participate, that all absentee and vote-by-mail ballots are counted, and that every allegation of intimidation or unfair practices on Election Day is investigated. In a race in which a December runoff is a distinct possibility if neither candidate can secure 50 percent support, every single vote matters.
But no matter the outcome, it’s clear that voter rights and suppression will be one of the major stories of the 2018 election in Georgia. The state has become the battleground for something deeper than the ideas of the candidates themselves; it’s now emblematic of a larger struggle over voting rights that has changed party politics markedly over the past five years. The true nature of voter suppression as an accumulation of everyday annoyances, legal barriers, and confusion has come into full view. Today, voter suppression is a labyrinth, not a wall.
corruption  politics  gov2.0  state  election  congress  voting 
3 days ago by rgl7194
Brian Kemp resigns as Georgia's secretary of state — Quartz
The final vote tally is yet to be announced, though Kemp has already declared victory.
usa  corruption  georgia  elections.2018  government 
3 days ago by po
Midterms 2018: Scandal-hit incumbents mostly won their elections — Quartz
Nine out of 12 incumbents hit by scandals won their elections. All 12 scandal-ridden newcomers lost.
corruption  politics  government  usa  incumbency  lawlessness 
4 days ago by po

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