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Live Coin Watch: Cryptocurrency Prices & Market Cap List
The best real-time crypto price index with graphs & historical data for 1500+ coins including bitcoin, ethereum, & altcoins from major cryptocurrency exchanges.
12 hours ago by jbotos
Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history • Recode
Bill Harris is former CEO of Intuit and the founding CEO of Paypal:
<p>I’m tired of saying, “Be careful, it’s speculative.” Then, “Be careful, it’s gambling.” Then, “Be careful, it’s a bubble.” Okay, I’ll say it: Bitcoin is a scam.

In my opinion, it’s a colossal pump-and-dump scheme, the likes of which the world has never seen. In a pump-and-dump game, promoters “pump” up the price of a security creating a speculative frenzy, then “dump” some of their holdings at artificially high prices. And some cryptocurrencies are pure frauds. Ernst & Young estimates that 10 percent of the money raised for initial coin offerings has been stolen.

The losers are ill-informed buyers caught up in the spiral of greed. The result is a massive transfer of wealth from ordinary families to internet promoters. And “massive” is a massive understatement — 1,500 different cryptocurrencies now register over $300 billion of “value.”

It helps to understand that a bitcoin has no value at all.

Promoters claim cryptocurrency is valuable as (1) a means of payment, (2) a store of value and/or (3) a thing in itself. None of these claims are true.</p>

Shall we put you down as a "undecided voter", Bill?
bitcoin  economics  cryptocurrency 
14 hours ago by charlesarthur
Aion launches first public blockchain network
"If you believe blockchains will proliferate in the coming years, it stands to reason that you will need some sort of mechanism to move information between them, a network of blockchains with bridges and processes for sharing information between entities. That is exactly what The Aion Network is providing with a new blockchain network released today."
blockchain  cryptocurrency  enterprise  nuco 
20 hours ago by jonerp
Exfiltrating private keys from air-gapped cold wallets - -
cryptocurrency  from twitter_favs
yesterday by stringsn88keys
Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history - Recode
Promoters claim cryptocurrency is valuable as (1) a means of payment, (2) a store of value and/or (3) a thing in itself. None of these claims are true.

1. Means of Payment. Bitcoins are accepted almost nowhere, and some cryptocurrencies nowhere at all. Even where accepted, a currency whose value can swing 10 percent or more in a single day is useless as a means of payment.

2. Store of Value. Extreme price volatility also makes bitcoin undesirable as a store of value. And the storehouses — the cryptocurrency trading exchanges — are far less reliable and trustworthy than ordinary banks and brokers.

3. Thing in Itself. A bitcoin has no intrinsic value. It only has value if people think other people will buy it for a higher price — the Greater Fool theory.
bitcoin  cryptocurrency  counterarguments 
yesterday by corrales
Los veo muy contentos, será😎😀😎 porque el precio de Bitcoin sigue subiendo: $9,400.
Cryptocurrency  Bitcoin  from twitter_favs
yesterday by randyhilarski

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