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bubble_chart_v4/bubble_chart.js at master · vlandham/bubble_chart_v4
function splitBubbles() {

// @v4 Reset the 'x' force to draw the bubbles to their year centers
simulation.force('x', d3.forceX().strength(forceStrength).x(nodeYearPos));

// @v4 We can reset the alpha value and restart the simulation
bubble  chart  d3  animation  dots 
14 hours ago by codecreative
Libro D3 Tips and Tricks
Libro gratuito sobre D3 una librería de javascript
JavaScript  D3  programación 
14 days ago by franzz2000
Data Visualization for React Developers, Full / Observable
In this workshop, we learn how to create some simple charts with D3 and React. We'll be using 2017 weather data for San Francisco, and creating a bar chart, line chart, and radial chart.

The goal of this Observable notebook is to learn the SVG elements necessary to draw the charts, and the D3 functions necessary to turn raw data into SVG elements and attributes.
ReactJS  D3  react  FrontendMasters  ShirleyWu 
15 days ago by tamouse
D3 React Intro — Part 2: Fun Multi Layered Donut Chart
For this post I’ve built a cool little two layered donut chart with some hover functionality (CodeSandbox included at very bottom). While it may seem like this is a big step from the Simple Pie Chart…
d3  react 
22 days ago by tranqy
How to Set Up D3.js with Webpack and Babel – Code Like A Girl
const square = d3.selectAll("rect");"fill", "orange");
d3  webpack  babel  javascript 
26 days ago by swingley

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