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Re-usable, easy interface JavaScript chart library, based on D3 v4+.
d3  javascript  visualisation  library 
yesterday by alphajuliet
D4 is a friendly charting DSL for D3. The goal of D4 is to allow developers to quickly build data-driven charts with little knowledge of the internals of D3.
d3  visualisation  javascript  library 
2 days ago by alphajuliet
Bl.ock Builder
d3 prototype environment
d3  ide 
4 days ago by alphajuliet
MetricsGraphics.js - a library based on D3.js, optimized for visualizing and laying out time-series data
MetricsGraphics.js is a library built on top of D3 that is optimized for visualizing and laying out time-series data. It provides a simple way to produce common types of graphics in a principled, consistent and responsive way. The library currently supports line charts, scatterplots, histograms, bar charts and data tables as well as features like rug plots and basic linear regression.
time-series  d3  lib 
8 days ago by ghiden

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