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Dance Dance Revelation: On “So You Think You Can Dance” - Los Angeles Review of Books
"So far, after nine seasons, America’s 'favorite' dancers have mostly been young, white women drawn from the well-lit competitive dance studios of the suburbs ... These dancers in particular do not find the liminal space between high art and entertainment troubling. For them, art is expression, selfhood is the content, and they are there to express themselves all over that damn stage. So You Think You Can Dance could perhaps be renamed So You Think You Have Feelings. It is Instagram in motion, a technically virtuosic rendering of pose as inner life. Contestants on the show repeatedly emphasize that they are there to 'show America' who they are, that they are on a 'journey,' with hopes to experience personal 'growth.' Theodor Adorno would have heard these banal platitudes of late-capitalist reality television and called them 'pseudo-individualization.'"
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2 days ago by jbushnell
Barber's 'Adagio' Is Not The Saddest Music In The World : NPR
"What we're finding in our own work," she says, "is that the sort of story you hear in any particular excerpt of music says a lot about your background and the cultural world you had coming into that experience."
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3 days ago by allaboutgeorge
Logistx vs Jilou [bgirl final] // .stance // Silverback Open 2018 - - YouTube
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4 days ago by umeruma
Camp Weeks - Country Dance & Song Society
country dance organization, Massachusetts ????
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5 days ago by elison

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