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10 great Twin Cities dance events for fall 2018 | Star Tribune | September 14, 2018
One of the dance events featured is from the Ananya Dance Theatre which concludes its “Work Women Do” series with a new piece about the ways women show up for one another, with original music by Minnesota composers Dameun Strange '95 and Andrea “Queen Drea” Reynolds.
macalumni  Classof1995  dance  Arts  composer 
4 days ago by macalestercollege
How techno became the sound of protest in Georgia | Dazed
> Still, things have changed a lot. “In 2013, thousands of people came out to beat those people up,” Getia tells me, “but now in my club, we have a thousand people or more every month coming to our LGBT party. And you know what, they can’t do anything about it. At the start, we had guys come and try to cause trouble, but then our security came out, and they saw that we were thousands and they were just a handful of people… they’ve never returned. The tide has turned already. We outnumber them.”
georgia  activism  c4aaalumni  dance 
4 days ago by SteveLambert
FiraTàrrega - Teatre al carrer
FiraTàrrega és el mercat internacional de les arts escèniques que té lloc anualment a Tàrrega el segon cap de setmana de setembre.
theatre  festival  events  music  art  dance  tàrrega  lleida  catalonia  spain 
9 days ago by asaltydog
Keire Johnson en Instagram: “Shout out @finhan_ for making this after watching Minding the Gap! What I take from this piece (personally) : The paper bag over the…”
"Shout out @finhan_ for making this after watching Minding the Gap!
What I take from this piece (personally) : The paper bag over the skater's face to me represents how skateboarding suppresses all the negative emotions you can feel growing up and acts almost as a cloak of some sort.

When you take the bag off after skating, all of the bullshit comes back to you. Skateboarding cures heartache however it has limited powers. It can't cure everything.

That's where other creative outlets come in.
Music, art, dance, writing, and ect.
I am luck enough to have multiple outlets but I recommend finding a creative outlet that works for you. It's good for you.
Thanks again @finhan_"
keirejohnson  skateboarding  skating  2018  adolescence  youth  teens  self-medication  escape  creativity  music  art  arts  dance  writing  outlets  identity 
16 days ago by robertogreco

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