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RT : Once we share our , it is shared forever, irrespective of how organisations or companies change - or are acqui…
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Circa News (Android) review
The news team behind Circa combs through press releases, blog posts, and new stories from major publications to get the most crucial bits of information, including quotes and photos, then combines each tidbit into a short article, called a storyline. You can follow storylines to get updates on new developments and browse the news by categories, such as technology, and science and health.
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17 minutes ago by robertocarroll
How to obtain filterable that is useful for RT
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4 hours ago by jhill5
Feminist Data Manifest-No
1. We refuse to operate under the assumption that risk and harm associated with data practices can be bounded to mean the same thing for everyone, everywhere, at every time. We commit to acknowledging how historical and systemic patterns of violence and exploitation produce differential vulnerabilities for communities.

2. We refuse to be disciplined by data, devices, and practices that seek to shape and normalize racialized, gendered, and differently-abled bodies in ways that make us available to be tracked, monitored, and surveilled. We commit to taking back control over the ways we behave, live, and engage with data and its technologies.
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5 hours ago by shannon_mattern

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