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tensorflow/tensor2tensor: A library for generalized sequence to sequence models
T2T is a modular and extensible library and binaries for supervised learning with TensorFlow and with support for sequence tasks. It is actively used and maintained by researchers and engineers within the Google Brain team. You can read more about Tensor2Tensor in the recent Google Research Blog post introducing it.
machine.learning  artifical.intelligence  open.source  google  dataset 
yesterday by zeest
NuCivic/dkan: DKAN Open Data Portal. For a fully made version see:
Drupal-based open data tool with a full suite of cataloging, publishing and visualization features that allows governments, nonprofits and universities to easily publish data to the public
drupal  dataset  opensource  webdevelopment 
2 days ago by jshwlkr
datasets | Audio Content Analysis
This is yet another attempt of maintaining a list of datasets directly related to MIR.
mir  dataset 
2 days ago by jtallison
Our Video Datasets | TwentyBN
We are crowdsourcing large-scale video datasets that explain the world in videos.
dataset  video  activitydetection  machine-learning  ml 
3 days ago by ngaloppo
LibriSpeech is a corpus of approximately 1000 hours of 16kHz read English speech, prepared by Vassil Panayotov with the assistance of Daniel Povey. The data is derived from read audiobooks from the LibriVox project, and has been carefully segmented and aligned.
dataset  machine-learning  speech 
3 days ago by lrei
rudeboybert/JSE_OkCupid: Journal of Statistical Education Paper on Using OkCupid Data for Data Science Courses
JSE_OkCupid - Journal of Statistical Education Paper on Using OkCupid Data for Data Science Courses
okcupid  dataset  dating 
7 days ago by pmigdal

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