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The blog at the bottom of the sea « Programming, Graphics, Gamedev, Exotic Computation, Audio Synthesis
"Programming, Graphics, Gamedev, Exotic Computation, Audio Synthesis"
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algorithms  programming  gamedev  piperesearch  demoscene 
4 days ago by mechazoidal
Hi — @p01
I am Mathieu 'p01' Henri, creative coder, technical speaker, demoscener, JavaScript developer and size optimizer extraordinary. Microsoft engineer on the persona cards by day. Coder artist of tiny realtime audio visual animations by night. Here is a collection of my talks about art+code and audio visual productions for the web platform, PC and Atari ST. Enjoy.
code  canvas  demoscene  art  javascript  art-examples  AtariST  creativecoding  dev  developer 
5 days ago by jonrandy
A dive into the making of Immersion
At last. Last December, we finally finished it. This video here is our last production, a 4 minute animation called “Immersion”. To be more precise, it’s a capture of what is usually referred to as a 64k intro. But more … Continue reading →
programming  demoscene 
9 days ago by zacharydenton
This is f*^%ing outrageous. The most jaw-dropping work I’ve ever seen. 8KB. All in. How? Incredible. I t…
demoscene  from twitter_favs
9 days ago by petemc
Beepola Introduction
Beepola is a tracker-style music editor for Windows, capable of compiling songs into a form suitable for playback on Sinclair Spectrum and compatible computers.
music  demoscene  beepola  speccy  z80 
22 days ago by vilcans

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