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The Design Firm Is (Walking) Dead - Core77
On-point observations about the sunsetting of pureplay service design firms
service  design  reference  professional  pointofview  2015  firm  acquisition  analysis  client  enterprise  example 
1 hour ago by csrollyson
20 Awesome React Web & Mobile UI Components – Bashooka
via Pocket - 20 Awesome React Web & Mobile UI Components – Bashooka - Added March 21, 2019 at 09:56PM
IFTTT  Pocket  design  inoreader  tech  web 
1 hour ago by williger
Our Focus Areas | Rightpoint
Rightpoint has morphed into a CX and design agency
customer  experience  design  agency  chicago  usa  csr19  strategy  insight  Research  consulting  firm 
1 hour ago by csrollyson
From Pinterest: Gym Design - wonders me if wife would let me put one of these on the side of the house?
ifttt  pinterest  Gym  Design  -  wonders  me  if  wife  would  let  put  one  of  these  on  the  side  house? 
2 hours ago by nayyar
Design firm uses data analytics to inform its strategy and design services
design  customer  user  experience  data  analytics  chicago  utrecht  digital  csr19  consulting  firm  agency 
2 hours ago by csrollyson
Tanaguru Contrast-Finder
Find me the good constrasts, for web accessibility, between these two colors
accessibility  design  color  work 
4 hours ago by laurenipsum
A cross platform and open source electronics design automation suite
electronics  design  tool 
4 hours ago by tscheer
Home - Pencil Project
The Pencil project is a multi-platform open source GUI prototyping tool. It allows you to design a wireframe version of a web application to create mockups.
software  mockup  ux  Pencil  project  Design  tool 
5 hours ago by searchmeister
1. How Buildings Learn - Stewart Brand - 1 of 6 - “Flow” - YouTube
This six-part, three-hour, BBC TV series aired in 1997. I presented and co-wrote the series; it was directed by James Muncie, with music by Brian Eno.
architecture  video  design 
5 hours ago by jayfree

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