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Robotics Programming Tutorial: How to Program a Simple Robot | Toptal
via Pocket - An Introductory Robot Programming Tutorial Let’s face it, robots are cool. They’re also going to run the world someday, and hopefully at that time they will take pity on their poor soft fleshy creators (AKA robotics developers) and help us build a space utopia filled with plenty. I’m joking of course, but only sort of.
IFTTT  Pocket  dev  toptal  engineering  blog 
13 minutes ago by mannieschumpert
Favicon Checker
See how your favicon hold up across popular browsers, including native dark and light modes.
web  dev  design  tool  favicon 
10 hours ago by dowonkang
クラスメソッドで全エンジニアがブログ書きまくる秘訣とは? #DevReljp | DevelopersIO
dev  work  blog 
13 hours ago by koyachi
Building a REST and real-time API with Express, Feathers and MongoDB
There are many ways to create RESTful APIs with NodeJS and Express but things get a little more complicated when you also want to add real-time functionality and expose the same or similar…
howto  dev  javascript  node-js 
15 hours ago by monks1975
Swagger UI | API Development Tools | Swagger
Visualize and interact with your API's resources without having any of the implementation logic in place. Learn more now!
dev  restful  api  REST  swagger  test  testing 
19 hours ago by ngaloppo

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