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These Elderly People’s Stories Of An Early, Unsafe Version Of Disneyland Will Terrify You

In 1948, Walt Disney tried out his Disneyland concept with a small, private theme park.

These people were among its first visitors – and only survivors.
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7 hours ago by walt74
Disneyflix Is Coming. And Netflix Should Be Scared. - The Atlantic
Bob Iger has enjoyed a celebrated run at the helm of the company, but many of his seemingly bold moves have actually been safe ones. He’s pleased shareholders by counting on the public’s bottomless appetite for nostalgia and lightly refurbished classics. He acquired Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm—each already successful—and amped up their revenues through expanded TV and film franchises.

Streaming presents a different challenge than figuring out the latest excuse for heroes to team up.
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WDW Archive
WDW Archive is dedicated to the preservation of videos, music, and other media from Disney theme parks. Many people around the world have fond memories of long-gone attractions, and we want to help keep those memories alive.

Our focus is archiving and setting up mirrors of media from Disney parks. This includes promotional videos, background music, and officially-released soundtracks/songs that are no longer officially available to purchase.
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