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Disney Dining Plan Calculators
Go over this - I feel I know the answer to this is going to be 'yes' though have the numbers as evidence!
disney  useful  to_do 
6 days ago by beckymonster
Brand New: Incredible Disney Logo
Apparently there was a custom Disney logo for Incredibles 2 (of course there was). Still need to see that.
incredibles2  disney  pixar  studio  logo 
12 days ago by danhon
Walt Disney Animation Studios
The official website of Walt Disney Animation Studios.
3d  datasets  assets  animation  disney  free  graphics  models  opensource  path_tracing 
13 days ago by ngaloppo
Tails, You Win · Collaborative Fund
But extremes are the norm, everywhere. Great ideas and great execution are rare. Most competitive fields have strong feedback loops: Losers keep losing because no one wants to be associated with losers, and winners keep winning because winning opens doors, and open doors beget more open doors.
tails  disney  investing  returns 
13 days ago by jackveiga

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