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Docker in docker (dind) insecure registry – Triggers-World
  stage: building
  image: docker:latest
  # When using dind, it's wise to use the overlayfs driver for
  # improved performance.
    DOCKER_DRIVER: overlay2
  - name: docker:dind
    command: ["", "--insecure-registry=YOUR_HOST:YOUR_PORT"]
    - echo "create some docker here"
gitlab  docker 
14 hours ago by eljojo docker addons and general docker info - Add-on Support - LibreELEC Forum
LibreELEC is a Just enough Operating System (JeOS), meaning it only contains the necessary packages and libraries for the main purpose, which is Kodi. It does not contain a package manager. If one wants to install an app that requires mono, or java, those dependencies would have to be compiled for LibreELEC (not an easy task). However, with docker, one could pull a docker image and create a container that already contains all of these dependencies, and is sandboxed from LibreELEC.
libreelec  docker 
17 hours ago by thot
Rio - Containers At Their Best
What if you could combine the power of Istio, Knative, and Kubernetes into a command as simple to use as docker run? Rio is a Kubernetes-based MicroPaaS, and with only a few keystrokes you can deploy, manage, scale, and version stateless applications in any Kubernetes cluster.
paas  k8s  docker  istio 
22 hours ago by crossjam

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