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Unpaid TSA screeners shouldn’t fear the infamous air traffic controllers union precedent.
Last Monday, I wrote that if any group of government employees could end the shutdown, it would be the 44,000 TSA screeners who keep the nation’s airports running. The next day, Washington Post reporter Robert Costa wrote that GOP lawmakers see a TSA walkout as Trump’s Achilles’ heel—the one factor that could force the president to back down from his demand that lawmakers fund a border wall. [...] President Ronald Reagan ordered them back to work within 48 hours. On Aug. 5, he fired the 11,500 controllers who had not returned to their jobs and banned them from federal employment for life. Airline travel was disrupted for weeks, but there were no accidents. The union was dismantled. Many of the controllers never recovered. It was a defining moment for Reagan and cowed the American labor movement for decades to come.
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New video sheds more light on students' confrontation with Native American | US news | The Guardian
Longer video footage of a confrontation between a Native American activist and Kentucky high school students at a protest has surfaced, providing fresh insight into the controversial encounter and offering a broader view of deepening divisions in America.
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(2116) Trump’s Done. Here is the Evidence. - YouTube - Of crucial importance will now be what the Democrats on Capitol Hill do. They control the House of Representatives and have already vowed to hold hearings into the claims. The House is where any impeachment proceeding against Trump would start out. Speaker Nancy Pelosi may wish to hold off going down that route until Mueller completes his report.
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The Left Must Defend Trump / by Jake Wagner (The Resurgent, 2019/01/18)
“I ultimately don’t care what happens to Trump. I am more excited to see how everyone will react. Those who, for decades told us that lying about sex was kosher, will now be telling us that Trump should be impeached for lying about a tower in Moscow. It’s like how Joy Behar and the left suddenly became experts on the Emoluments Clause because Trump is an orange dumpster fire while Clinton was busy selling access to the Chinese during the 90s.”
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All the Times the GOP Condemned Donald Trump / by Noah Rothman (Commentary Magazine, 2019/01/16)
“In fact, the cascade of criticism from Republicans following Trump’s remarks—veiled only for the deliberately obtuse—was overwhelming. ‘We must be clear,’ wrote Speaker Paul Ryan. ‘White supremacy is repulsive … there can be no moral ambiguity.’ Sen. Marco Rubio called the event in Charlottesville a ‘terrorist attack’ and placed ‘100% of the blame’ on the white nationalist organizers. ‘I don’t understand what’s so hard about this,’ Rep. Steve Stivers pondered. ‘[W]e must condemn and marginalize white supremacist groups, not encourage and embolden them,’ Sen. Todd Young agreed. ‘The president was wrong to do that,’ Sen. Cory Gardner judged. ‘One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other opposes racism and bigotry,’ Sen. Mitt Romney observed. ‘Morally different universes.’ ‘For the sake of our country,’ Jeb Bush implored, ‘[Trump] must leave no room for doubt that racism and hatred will not be tolerated or ignored by his White House.’ And so on.”
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John Fugelsang on Twitter: "It is not possible to cheer on Donald Trump unless you reject almost every teaching of Jesus....
It is not possible to cheer on Donald Trump unless you reject almost every teaching of Jesus. If this makes you angry, find a teaching of Christ that DT has fought for. The only things Trump has in common w/Jesus is they both hung out with hookers & used ghostwriters.
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(2053) Ann Coulter Is "Not Going To Complain" Trump Shut Down The Government Over Immigration (HBO) - YouTube
Donald Trump is held hostage by his base, to build the wall.
Donald Trump holds fed workers hostage to get approval by Democrats.
Who will blink first?
Look at her chin 5:07 - fearful this Trump project will blow up in their face. With Trump, their career as Republican/conservative pundit.
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Opinions guided by tribalism
This post content a house series of grafs showing evidence that opinions, especially those of Republicans, change rapidly based on what is politically popular.
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