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Thread by @marcowenjones: "[Thread] As promised, today I want to tell you of how I became friends with a Twitter troll called Angus Gallagher. Angus recently had a sex […]" #StopTheCoup #MAGA #KAG #BUILDTHEWALL
mild unnecessary 'sex change' joke poke at beginning but overall a good thread illustrating troll workings

"Why this Middle-aged white man with a lilac shirt would have such strong opinions on the region was unclear."
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17 days ago by cluebucket
David Koch Gave Us Donald Trump
The nexus is not readily clear to most, especially given that the two clashed publicly; Trump, for instance, has taken to gleefully ridiculing Koch and his brother as “globalists.” But in his scorched-earth quest for unparalleled influence, Koch, perhaps unwittingly, laid the path for Trump.

First, there were obvious efforts made by Koch, though largely ignored by the mainstream press, that directly elected Trump. In 2016, Americans for Prosperity, the Kochs’s primary vehicle for influence that operates as a privately run political party, hired over 650 staffers, deploying many to battleground states, including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, to turn out Republican voters. The field staff filled in the gaps left by Trump’s chaotic field operation. In Wisconsin alone, Americans for Prosperity staff, equipped with state-of-the-art voter contact technology, made 1.5 million phone calls and knocked on nearly 30,000 doors.
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26 days ago by perich

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