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Will Artificial Intelligence Be Illegal in Europe Next Year? | Entrepreneur
- data portability and an explanation for automated decision pose interesting challenges
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20 hours ago by renaissancechambara
The new liberal imperialism
> The postmodern EU offers a vision of cooperative empire, a common liberty and a common security without the ethnic domination and centralised absolutism to which past empires have been subject, but also without the ethnic exclusiveness that is the hallmark of the nation state
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yesterday by cwebbdesign
Britain has built a national myth on winning the Second World War, but it’s distorting our politics
The centrality of the Second World War to the national myth warps our view of history and our place in the world in all sorts of ways. For starters, it means we’ve never had to take an honest account of the consequences of empire. In a tale about British heroes defeating Nazi villains, British mistakes or British atrocities just don’t fit. (Winston Churchill’s role in the 1943 Bengal famine – death toll: three million – by ordering the export of Indian grain to Britain rarely comes up in biopics.) In this dominant version of the national story, the end of empire is just the price we pay to defeat fascism.

More than that, our obsession with the Second World War creates the bizarre impression that failure is not just heroic, but a necessary precursor to success. Two of the most discussed elements of Britain’s war – the evacuation of Dunkirk, and the Blitz – are not about victory at all, but about survival against the odds. The lesson we take is that, with a touch of British grit and an ability to improvise, we can accomplish anything. It’s hard not to see this reflected in Brexit secretary David Davis’s lack of notes, but it’s nonsense: had the Russians and Americans not arrived to bail us out, Britain would have been stuffed.
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yesterday by juliusbeezer
Sentinel-2 cloudless map
High resolution photographic map of earth, free
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yesterday by nelson
BMF - Invoicing
In order to claim input VAT on the basis of an invoice, such invoice must show specific details. In order to claim deduction of input VAT it is required that an invoice show in principle all invoice details. These rules governing the issue of invoices also apply to invoices concerning advance payments and self-billing. Simplifications are provided for small-value invoices, travel tickets and documentation with regard to tourist luggage
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4 days ago by andrewn

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