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I am among those who believe stronger conflict of interest regs are needed in K-12 and (and not just in MD)…
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yesterday by douglevin
Hey it truly is an honor to work alongside you, my friend and
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yesterday by simonmiller1
Chegg Cuts $15 Million Check to Buy AI-Feedback Tool, WriteLab
Together, Ramirez and McQuade created a research-based product that relies on machine learning algorithms to provide different categories of advice—grammatical comments including misspellings and incorrect words; questions around the logical structure of a piece of writing; around clarity and also concise writing.
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2 days ago by seaugust
First Year Guitar Progress - Playing Metallica "One" for 1 Year (including Hammett solo) - YouTube
Dude learns Metallica's "One" over 365 days and shares his progress throughout his journey. Great example for my #edtc300 #eci831 students when they take on their #learningproject. #makelearningvisible #eci831 #edchat #edtech
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2 days ago by occam98
Data-Driven Instruction: Top Trend in K-12 Use of Ed-Tech, Teachers Say - Market Brief
Despite the gains, there are still impediments to the use of ed tech, according to teachers who responded to the survey. The two biggest are funding, which just over 50 percent said was problematic, and lack of training in how to use new technology. More than a fourth of educators—27 percent—have personally paid for ed-tech products, rather than tapping into their district’s or school’s budgets.
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2 days ago by seaugust
Sad I missed this! Sounds like it was awesome. If you work in in aus or NZ consider joi…
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3 days ago by gamerlearner
Reading with your children: proper books vs tablets
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4 days ago by pluke17
The Virtual Reality Gazzette
The latest The Virtual Reality Gazzette! Thanks to
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4 days ago by notjeb

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