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Egypt targets social media with new law
Under a law passed by the country's parliament on Monday, the Egyptian government now has the power to block social media accounts and hold journalists accountable for "publishing fake news," Reuters reports. Under the law, accounts on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook with more than 5k followers "will be treated as media outlets," which opens them up to more legal scrutiny from the government.

Reuters: "Under the law passed on Monday social media accounts and blogs with more than 5,000 followers on sites such as Twitter and Facebook will be treated as media outlets, which makes them subject to prosecution for publishing false news or incitement to break the law...The bill prohibits the establishment of websites without obtaining a license from the Supreme Council and allows it to suspend or block existing websites, or impose fines on editors. The law, which takes effect after it is ratified by Sisi, also states that journalists can only film in places that are not prohibited, but does not explain further...critics say it will give legal basis to measures the government has been taking to crack down on dissent and extend its control over social media."
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Luxor Times: New Discovery: Mummification workshop installation in Sakkara.
New Discovery: 2500-year-old Mummification workshop installation in Sakkara
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5 days ago by jerry7171
New Discovery: 2500-year-old Mummification workshop installation in Sakkara
Egypt  from twitter_favs
5 days ago by jerry7171
Egypt's Draconian New Cybercrime Bill Will Only Increase Censorship
Egypt's new 45-article cybercrime law, passed on June 5, grants the government increased surveillance and censorship powers, and stands to make censorship easier for the government to carry out in a more legitimized, legally justified manner, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) reports in a summary of the law and its implications while calling for the law to be "withdrawn."

"It would appear that the bill’s underlying goal is to set up legal frameworks to block undesirable websites, intimidate social media users, and solidify state control over websites. By expanding government’s power to block websites, target individuals for their speech, and surveil citizens, the Egyptian parliament is helping the already-authoritarian executive branch inch ever closer toward a goal of repressing anyone who dares speak their mind. The overly broad language contained throughout the law will lead to the persecution of individuals who engage in online speech and create an atmosphere of self-censorship, as others shy away from using language that may be perceived as threatening to the government. The Egyptian law comes at a time of increased repression throughout the Middle East. In the wake of the 2011 uprisings, a number of countries in the region began to crack down on online speech, implementing cybercrime-related laws that utilize broad language to ensure that anyone who steps out of line can be punished."

As [OTF-supported] OONI reported in a recent report on the state of internet censorship in the country, there is "pervasive media censorship" in Egypt, with scores of websites - especially those related to news, censorship circumvention, or human rights - blocked.
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5 days ago by dmcdev
Chemical tank explosion near Cairo Airport injures 12: Army
CAIRO: A strong explosion at a chemical tank near Cairo airport in the east of the Egyptian capital has left at least a dozen people injured, the army said on Thursday night.

Witnesses reported the blast after hearing a loud noise, and images of flames and smoke were shared on social media.

Security sources said the 12 injured people were taken to hospital for treatment.

Army spokesman Tamer el-Refai said on Twitter an “increase in heat” caused the explosion, which took place at a company specialising in “chemical industries” in an area controlled by the army.
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6 days ago by dchas
Technical Diving Dahab/Team Blue Immersion at Dahab Divers Technical
Team Blue Immersion is a 5* TDI Technical Diving Center in Dahab/Egypt. We offer the full Range of technical diving courses up to Instructor level.
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8 days ago by asaltydog
Scholars Decry Arrest of Ph.D. Student in Egypt
MESA statement on Waleed Khalil el-Sayed Salem.
9 days ago by arabist

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