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Exploring Fairytales: My Father's Legacy | The Loft | September 12, 2018
Classics Professor Wessam Elmeligi posted an essay to the Loft Literary Center website titled, "Exploring Fairytales: My Father's Legacy," about the experience during his summer visit to his hometown, Alexandria, Egypt, where he rediscovered children's books written and illustrated by his father from the 1950s to the 1970s. The books reflected the transition Egypt and many countries in the MENA region were going through and the role that ancient history and mythology played in defining his father's generation.
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yesterday by macalestercollege
Sandstone Sphinx discovered during groundwater lowering project in Kom Ombo Temple
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4 days ago by dyma
Against Big Bird, The Gods Themselves Contend In Vain: scott_lynch
In which Big Bird is revealed as a previously unknown aspect of the Eternal Champion.
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7 days ago by pozorvlak
RT : BREAKING Journalist after 5 years released from prison
Welcome back Abdullah.
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10 days ago by sarcas
RT : BREAKING: hand down 75 sentences and 47 life sentences, in a mass trial related to the al-Raba…
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10 days ago by gr
RT : It’s sad to think that in these days, it’s considered a ‘good news’ story that a journalist only got a 5-yea…
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11 days ago by sarcas
 中東遊記: 埃及人眼中的中國




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12 days ago by quant18
Statement opposing Egypt’s legalization of website blocking and communications surveillance – @afteegypt
A group of more than 40 NGOs from 25 countries are calling for Egypt to repeal its recently passed "Cybercrime Law" and to "review and reform" aspects of its "Media Regulation Law" that deal with website blocking and internet surveillance. The NGOs, including the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE), Access Now, 7iber, Article 19, Turkey Blocks, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), say in a joint letter that these two laws "are only the latest steps in the Egyptian government’s attempt to impose full control over the flow of information online, as part of an effort to close the space for public debate and prevent the exercise of the fundamental right to freedom of expression. These actions must be opposed in order to defend Egyptians’ human rights."

Read the full letter (available in both English and Arabic) here (pdf).
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13 days ago by dmcdev
The Danforth Review: Fiction #78: Leila Marshy
Another great short story by my friend (of Hutchison), Leila Marshy.
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14 days ago by amicalmant

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