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Fresh Hell | The Baffler
Elon Musk, a sentient chocolate chip cookie dough vape pod, was back in the news this week for his ongoing obsession with smearing the British Cave rescuer Vernon Unsworth, who accomplished what Musk’s eensy weensy submarine could not, as a pedophile. A series of newly released court documents reveal that Grimes’s tragic boyfriend not only oversaw the attempted leaking of the already disproven pedo rumor to tabloids like The Sun, but that he didn’t realize the private investigator he hired to just ask some questions about Unsworth had been previously convicted for defrauding his business partners out of half a million bucks. Now that’s what we call a brain genius.
4 days ago by libbymiller
Unsworth v Musk
Looking seriously bad for Elon here
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7 days ago by nelson

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