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spacemacs - Improves the linum text scaling advice
Fixes the weird bug in Spacemacs with Emacs 26.x where increasing the text scale adds a margin to the active buffer while scrolling.
emacs  development  linux 
3 hours ago by nikola
TIP: How to easily manage your emails with mu4e : emacs
For me, mu4e is great! This allows me to read my emails with a nice interface, gives me the ability to easily search for an email, write an email, etc.
kb_cpu  emacs 
21 hours ago by rootis0
Reading IMAP Mail in Emacs on OSX
openssl s_client -connect -showcerts
emacs  email 
23 hours ago by gmcclure
how to update spacemacs
Should there perhaps be some instructions on how to update spacemacs? Afaics, the way to do it now would be to cd ~/.emacs.d/ && git pull. There will probably be complications if you have updated any of the .emacs.d/-files though. I'm ju...
how-to  macos  software  spacemacs  update  emacs 
2 days ago by Denis

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