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Plans to Turn America’s Rust Belt Into a New Plastics Belt Are Bad News for the Climate • The Revelator
An expanding petrochemical industry, thanks to fracked shale gas, could have big consequences for a warming planet.
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26 minutes ago by bullfrogfilms
Judge Blocks Keystone XL Pipeline
The plain fact is that the Trump administration doesn’t believe the Obama administration, based on the available evidence, had a good reason to block TransCanada’s permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline. And so it lifted the block. This was a policy decision, not a legal one. The Obama administration had full authority not to grant the permit, and the Trump administration had full authority to lift it.

The environmental groups’ lawsuit, however, allowed Judge Morris, an Obama appointee, to reverse the Trump administration’s decision by appealing to the hopelessly nebulous “hard look” criterion—a criterion itself based on a district court judge’s interpretation of a 1970 statute. The judge, in other words, thought the Trump administration was making a bad policy decision, but rather than ruling that it has the authority to make a bad decision, he ruled that the decision isn’t in line with federal law, according to a mere phrase in an earlier district court decision.
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8 hours ago by lukemperez
EFOY COMFORT-fuel cells - environmentally friendly and quiet | EFOY
EFOY COMFORT’s efficient fuel cells are clean power for caravans / mobile homes, boats and cabins. Compatible for hybrid operation.
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2 days ago by floehopper
This new hurricane-proof neighborhood has zero emissions - Fast Company
Using solar, batteries, and Google Home, the Hunters Point neighborhood outside of Tampa is a model for how smart buildings can lower emissions and create a clean grid.
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3 days ago by areadevelopment

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