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12 hours ago by Simon5097
Use These Data Analytics Tips to Find Your Film’s Audience
So why is there so little access to data in the film industry? Primarily, independent filmmakers aren’t often allowed to share information due to the confidentiality clauses in their distribution agreements. Secondarily, those involved with a mediocre or average to low performing release do not want to publicize their lack of success. Fear. Fear stops individuals from sharing information. Finally, many in the industry still do not understand the waterfall of revenue or how money is disbursed throughout a film’s release. Pure lack of understanding could be the reason why people do not share data — they simply do not know what to ask, or how to interpret the numbers.
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yesterday by christopherming
Nailed It! The cooking show that bakes capitalism to a crisp | Jack Bernhardt | Opinion | The Guardian
In some ways, competitive reality TV is a microcosm for the competitive nature of society: every contestant is pitted against each other, fighting to be recognised as the best baker/butcher/candlestick maker (Love Productions is probably already filming the Great British Candlestick Carving, hosted by Jo Whiley), and the panic and stress they go through is what makes it compelling viewing – that and the slight chance that at some point Gordon Ramsay will scream so hard, he’ll turn inside out.
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2 days ago by asterisk2a
420's long, strange trip to pot holiday began in California | National |
SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) — Friday is April 20, or 4/20. That's the numerical code for marijuana's high holiday, a homage to pot's enduring appeal and universal slang for smoking.
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2 days ago by BiteSize77
Harry Anderson, ‘Night Court’ Actor Who Bottled Magic On Screen and Off, Dies at 65 - The New York Times
Awww, not Harry. Night Court might be my favorite sitcom of all time, and the episodes of Cheers that featured Harry the Hat are favorites, too. Judge Harold T. Stone was an influence on me growing up (and upon many rewatchings of the show, as a grown up) and I find it delightful how the character was only part an act.
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8 days ago by downclimb

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