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De eerste pakkendag zit er alweer op! Wist je dat? Dat we bij EuroCollege een pak dragen iedere donderdag. Op die manier raak je bekend met het dragen van een pak. In veel landen buiten Nederland, is het dragen van een pak nog erg normaal.
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The first pakkendag is on again! Did you know that? That we wear a suit at eurocollege every Thursday. That way you get familiar with wearing a suit. In many countries outside the Netherlands, wearing a suit is still very normal.
#eurocollege #weetjes #pakdragen #pakkendag #utrecht #rotterdam #amsterdam #eindhoven
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Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2018 | Europol
Foreword It is my pleasure to introduce the 2018 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA), not only as it is the fifth anniversary edition of the report, but also my first as the Executive Director of Europol.
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Stephen Sedley reviews ‘The Conservative Human Rights Revolution’ by Marco Duranti · LRB 30 August 2018
Duranti notes that Churchill, tellingly, was in these years confining his advocacy to ‘fundamental personal rights’, not only avoiding but on occasion deleting references to human rights.
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Number of dirty diesels on road still growing, report shows | Environment | The Guardian
The number of dirty diesel vehicles pumping out toxic emissions on Europe’s streets is still rising three years after the Dieselgate scandal began, according to a new report. More than 7m such cars and vans remain on UK roads alone.

There were 29m diesel vehicles whose emissions on the road were significantly higher than official laboratory-based EU limits when the diesel scandal erupted in September 2015. But that has now risen by to 43m, according to analysis by the group Transport & Environment (T&E). France has the most dirty diesels on the road, with 8.7m, followed by Germany’s 8.2m and the UK’s 7.3m.
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When do young Europeans leave home?
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