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Billion-dollar debts control the future of tech industry | Opinion | The Guardian
Giant global funds, such as SoftBank in Japan, are borrowing huge amounts to swallow up Europe’s robotic and AI firms
Europe  politics  economy  technology  archive 
2 days ago by archangel
Where in the world is the most advanced e-government? Estonia. |
This tiny republic has the most startups per person and the fastest broadband speeds, and it offers something no other country does: e-residency. Estonia is aiming to create the ideal information society. Technology thinker and entrepreneur Andrew Keen goes there to find out how it works.
estonia  europe  Internet  ted  government 
3 days ago by jorgebarba
High Court extradition refusal a ‘nuclear bomb’, say Warsaw judges
Senior Warsaw judges have described as a “nuclear bomb” the High Court’s refusal to extradite a Polish man over fears judicial reforms there have undermined the independence of courts and threaten the rule of law.

On Monday, Ms Justice Aileen Donnelly halted an extradition case involving Polish man Artur Celmer, sought in his homeland on drug-trafficking charges, to seek guidance from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg.

Justice Donnelly said “immense” legislative changes to Poland’s judicial system called into question the mutual trust that forms the basis of the European Arrest Warrant system.
law  europe  poland 
3 days ago by lehmannro
Sweden's Dark Waters | Rixstep Learning Curve
he was openly flying off with a copy to Langley to meet with his friends in the CIA. Prime Minister Olof Palme uttered when he heard of this: 'that fucker Bildt'. Bildt, when he returned to Sweden from Langley, repeatedly took to the podium at parliament to denounce the Palme government for their 'soft stance' on the Soviet Union. To this day, when it's established that NATO and not Russia had submarines in Swedish waters, Bildt will still not 'man up'. And Sweden just entered into a 'host country agreement' with NATO, and the social democratic government, a far cry from social democratic governments of old, did not even dare ask for assurances that they'd not be hosting weapons of mass destruction on Swedish soil
imperialism  russia  cia  europe 
3 days ago by foliovision

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