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Exercise is as effective as antidepressants for many cases of depression.
"Here’s the most important thing I learned while writing a book on running and mental health: In clinical studies, regular aerobic exercise is as effective as antidepressants in reducing symptoms of mild to moderate depression. And that’s not just because moving might help you get into shape and feel better about yourself. Exercise actually causes the same structural changes to the brain as antidepressants—neuroplasticity, or creating new neural pathways, and growth in the hippocampus, a part of the brain that’s generally shrunken in people with depression."
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2 days ago by alexpriest
Physically fit women nearly 90 percent less likely to develop dementia -- ScienceDaily
"Women with high physical fitness at middle age were nearly 90 percent less likely to develop dementia decades later, compared to women who were moderately fit, according to a new study. The study measured the women's cardiovascular fitness based on an exercise test."
health  exercise  dementia 
2 days ago by katherinestevens
Pain When Weightlifting - Shoulder Pain When Lifting
If you experience these red flags while you're weightlifting, you should probably put down the weights ASAP.
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3 days ago by geglover

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