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Learning Political News From Social Media: Network Media Logic and Current Affairs News Learning in a High-Choice Media EnvironmentCommunication Research - Adam Shehata, Jesper Strömbäck, 2018
Taken together, the findings suggest that using social media to follow news about politics and current affairs does not compensate for not using traditional news media in terms of learning a diverse and broad set of general political news.
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24 minutes ago by SimonHurtz
I think this was on Rotnest Iskand
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Snapchat officialise le partage des stories en dehors de l'application - Blog du Modérateur
Intégrer une story sur un site web (30 jours maximum)
Outre l’envoi de stories en dehors de Snapchat, les médias vont pouvoir intégrer les stories sur leurs sites web (embed). Il suffira d’aller sur une story hébergée sur pour récupérer le code. À noter que les stories seront disponibles durant 30 jours, en dehors de Snapchat, avant de disparaître définitivement.

Snapchat s’ouvre enfin au web
Le partage de contenu en dehors des plateformes est une manière, pour les plateformes, de mettre en lumière les contenus qui y sont partagés. Comme Twitter, Facebook et Instagram, Snapchat permet enfin aux contenus d’être accessibles sur le web. C’est une bonne nouvelle pour les créateurs, qui pourront ainsi augmenter la visibilité de leurs snaps. C’est aussi et surtout un axe de développement stratégique pour Snap, qui va pouvoir montrer à ceux qui ne connaissent pas ou n’utilisent pas Snaphat l’intérêt de cette application.

Et n’en déplaise à certains utilisateurs, ce n’est pas un hasard si Snapchat a décidé de ne permettre le partage que des stories officielles et celles générées via l’UGC (Our Story). L’application ne voulait sans doute pas que l’ensemble des stories publiques, plus ou moins qualitatives, se retrouvent instantanément sur la toile.
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3 hours ago by sentinelle
我如何在不到半小時內加入Medium Partnership Program付費牆 – Wendy Chang 張雅鈞 – Medium
這篇文章蠻不錯 @Medium: “我如何在不到半小時內加入Medium Partnership Program付費牆”
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Democrats just got rolled. They can blame Barack Obama. - The Washington Post
<<If he had wanted to act, he could have. Obama’s party controlled the House, and Democrats had a 60-vote filibuster-proof majority. If Obama really wanted to pass either the Dream Act or comprehensive immigration reform, Republicans were powerless to stop him. But he didn’t do it. �In a 2012 interview, Ramos called Obama on it. “At the beginning of your governing, you had control of both chambers of Congress, and yet you did not introduce immigration reform. And before I continue, I want for you to acknowledge that you did not keep your promise.” Obama objected that he had made his promise “before the economy was on the verge of collapse. . . . And so my first priority was making sure that we prevented us from going into a Great Depression.” Ramos was having none of it. “It was a promise, Mr. President. . . . And a promise is a promise. And with all due respect, you didn’t keep that promise.”>>
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yesterday by jikatu
There are many factors that go into valuing a cryptocurrency. Given that the space is still young, most value can be linked back to speculation and manipulation. Traders with large amounts of funds (known as whales) can effectively pump up a low liquidity or low volume cryptocurrency by using different techniques. This attracts uneducated investors which further pumps up the price (sometimes 300% in a day) then the whales dump all their coins and make a huge profit. This practice is used primarily on the many ‘scamcoins’ and doesn’t usually have an effect on Bitcoin or Ethereum’s value.>>
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yesterday by jikatu
lol. I think you’re taking what he says a little too seriously.
這篇文章蠻不錯 @Medium: “lol. I think you’re taking what he says a little too seriously.”
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Your New Newsfeed: Why Made Its Latest Changes

*An interview with a Fac…
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Top CEOs take 4 days to earn a Bangladesh worker's life pay | CTV News
"The billionaire boom is not a sign of a thriving economy but a symptom of a failing economic system.” — Top CEOs take 4 days to earn a Bangladesh worker's life pay:
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