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British adults using Facebook less to communicate with friends | Technology | The Guardian
According to Ofcom there is also a wealth divide in how Britons use the internet, with poorer individuals more likely to rely solely on a smartphone to get online and have “lower levels of online confidence and critical understanding”.
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Facebook beats in Q1 and boosts daily user growth to 1.45B amidst backlash
Amongst massive criticism over data privacy, Facebook showed the resiliency of its advertising machine by beating Wall Street’s $11.41 billion revenue estimate in its Q1 2018 earnings report by raking in $11.97 billion in revenue with $1.69 EPS compared to the $1.35 estimate. Facebook added 48 million daily active users to hit 1.449 billion, up 3.42 percent to revive Facebook’s growth after slower 2.18 percent growth last quarter. But Facebook only added 70 million monthly active users to reach 2.196 billion, a 3.14 percent growth rate that was a little slower than last quarter’s 3.39 percent growth. Both daily and monthly users are up 13 percent year-over-year, showing Facebook’s troubles haven’t paralyzed its growth.
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Facebook warns GDPR could flatten or reduce European user count
Europe’s sweeping privacy law GDPR goes into effect May 25th, and Facebook is being forced to push users through new agreements to terms of service changes required to comply with the law. That’s why during today’s successful Q1 2018 earnings report call, Facebook CFO David Wehner warned that “we believe MAU or DAU might be flat or down in Q2 due to the GDPR rollout.” He also said that while Facebook doesn’t expect a significant impact on ads from GDPR, there may be a slight impact and it will be monitoring for that.
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British adults using Facebook less to communicate with friends
British adults are becoming less reliant on Facebook for communicating with friends, according to research conducted by the UK media regulator, which suggests people are starting to turn to other social media apps. The number of British social media users who consider Facebook to be their main social media or messaging profile fell from 80% to 70% in 12 months, according to the regulator’s annual media use survey. Instead Britons are increasingly using other services, with the proportion of internet users considering WhatsApp to be their main online profile increasing from 7% to 16%.
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Which Content Type Is Actually Worth Your Time to Create?
Explore content types and see which ones fit best with your content marketing strategy.
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Facebook earnings: Business surpasses Wall Street expectations in Q1 - Recode
Facebook user growth was also solid. The company added 49 million daily users, and now 1.45 billion people use the service every day. It added a million users in the U.S. and Canada, reversing a small but troubling dip last quarter when that group of users shrank for the first time.
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Should Quantum Anomalies Make Us Rethink Reality? - Scientific American Blog Network
<<Every generation tends to believe that its views on the nature of reality are either true or quite close to the truth. We are no exception to this: although we know that the ideas of earlier generations were each time supplanted by those of a later one, we still believe that this time we got it right. Our ancestors were naïve and superstitious, but we are objective—or so we tell ourselves. We know that matter/energy, outside and independent of mind, is the fundamental stuff of nature, everything else being derived from it—or do we?>>
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The 17 Millionth Bitcoin Is About to Be Mined: What It Means and Why It Matters - CoinDesk
<<unless all of the humans who operate the computers running the bitcoin software decide to make a change (a perhaps unlikely scenario today), there's really no way to ever introduce more new bitcoin. This achievement, a technical reality, has played a key role in bitcoin's association with money, economics and other scarce, naturally occurring assets. ... governments might seek to prevent users from holding bitcoin in the future. "Increasing money supply is a means to confiscate through inflation which is a form of taxation without representation or due process of law," he wrote. Even the new way new bitcoins come into being, called "mining," is a nod to the gold analogy. ...bitcoins are divisible, and that as such, the smallest parts of each bitcoin can hold seemingly infinite value.>>
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Eurointelligence - Public
Is Emmanuel Macron to Donald Trump what Tony Blair was to George Bush? Or is this the beginning of a beautiful Franco-American friendship? On his carefully choreographed visit Macron courted Trump with a lot of flattery. via Pocket
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