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is now giving businesses the ability to directly communicate with their customers, much like
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3 hours ago by jhill5
Zittrain and Zuckerberg discuss encryption, ‘information fiduciaries’ and targeted ads • Harvard Law
<p>“The idea of us having a fiduciary relationship with the people who use our services is intuitive,” said Zuckerberg [interviewed by Jonathan Zittrain].  “[Facebook’s] own self-image of ourselves and what we’re doing is that we’re acting as fiduciaries and trying to build services for people. … Where this gets interesting is who gets to decide in the legal sense, or in the policy sense, of what’s in people’s best interest.”

The conversation segued into another topic area involving competing sets of interests: the use of end-to-end message encryption to make private communications inaccessible to eavesdroppers. End-to-end encryption has come under criticism for making it difficult in some cases for law enforcement agents (with the proper warrants) to access evidence locked up on devices. Zittrain raised the possibility that governments not embracing the rule of law might use their legal and technical capabilities to peek into unencrypted private communications at will. “The modern surveillance states of note in the world have a lot of arrows in their quivers… they’ve got a plan B, a plan C, and a plan D,” he said.

Zuckerberg said he is inclined to implement more end-to-end encryption. “I basically think that if you want to talk in metaphors, messaging is like people’s living room, and we definitely don’t want a society where there’s a camera in everyone’s living room,” he said.

Zittrain pointed out that people are happily installing Facebook’s own smart camera–the Portal–in their living rooms. Zuckerberg laughed. “That is I guess… yeah. Though that would be encrypted.”</p>
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6 hours ago by charlesarthur
Why data, not privacy, is the real danger
As Facebook turns 15, the social network and other companies don’t need your personal information — or your permission — to determine exactly who you are and what you’ll do next.
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7 hours ago by mreinbold
Capacity Media - global telecoms news, events and community
The latest news and global networking events for the wholesale telecommunications market and carrier-to-carrier business sector
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12 hours ago by stevesong
A digital gangster destroying democracy: the damning verdict on Facebook
Parliament’s report into fake news raises many questions, but will the government act?
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16 hours ago by mikael
RT : Time to regulate ? We look back on IDS' digital expert Tony Roberts blog on the good, the bad and the ugly…
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22 hours ago by BeckyFaith

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