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isn’t just about people who identify as women, as shown in the latest film, :…
TheLastJedi  Feminism  from twitter_favs
15 hours ago by dalcrose
Cataloguing Change: Women, Art and Technology - Victoria and Albert Museum
Machina Ex Dea: feminist perspectives on technology (New York: Pergamon Press, 1983)
computers  feminism  digital 
yesterday by lilystav
“My Working Will be the Work:” Maintenance Art and Technologies of Change – The New Inquiry
These artworks show us how the larger technological world as the public sphere, which Ukeles and Rosler contrast with a degraded private sphere, is itself intimately dependant on the invisible labor and technological systems of the home and the invisible labors of maintenance.
criticaltheory  feminism  practice  domestic  art  work  politics 
yesterday by mildlydiverting
Visible or Invisible: Growing up Female in a Porn Culture
As they excitedly insisted that they themselves chose to have a Brazilian wax, one student let slip that her boyfriend had complained when she decided to give up on waxing.
culture  feminism  gender  pornography  shaving  waxing  sexuality 
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