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SuperSearch — Find Fonts by Contrast, X-Height, Weight and More! — FontBase Blog

Finding the right font can be hard, especially if you’re a designer with a few thousands of them on your hard drive. Most of us (designers) need a way to find the correct font for a particular task and this can be difficult without the correct tools or the correct information. Some might think that each font has all of its characteristics, like thickness, contrast, serifs or no serifs, “included” inside of it, but this is only partially true.
fonts  tools 
yesterday by davidgasperoni
command line - Why does Image Magick fail to read fonts? - Ask Different
Install Ghost Script in Homebrew. If fonts fail to create a contact sheet in Image Magick.
ghost  script  image  magick  fonts  not  rendering  command  line  cli 
yesterday by aahner
Fun with Viewport Units | CSS-Tricks
This direct scaling is clearly too dramatic for daily use. We need something more subtle, with minimums and maximums, and more control of the growth rate. That's where calc() becomes useful. We can combine a base size in more steady units (say 16px) with a smaller viewport-relative adjustment (0.5vw), and let the browser do the math: calc(16px + 0.5vw)
css  fonts  responsive_design  webdesign  web_development 
yesterday by Steve_Z
[no title]
Guide to Only the Best
Open-Source Typefaces
fonts  resource  ressources  tool  Typography  typeface  font 
2 days ago by stilla
GitHub - kunalb/poet: An emacs theme that's well suited for modes using variable pitch: particularly org-mode and markdown-mode.
An emacs theme that's well suited for modes using variable pitch: particularly org-mode and markdown-mode. - kunalb/poet
emacs  fonts 
2 days ago by dbuscher
A modern font loading strategy with the vanilla JS FontFaceSet.load() method | Go Make Things
Custom typefaces make the web gorgeous. But, they can also be a major bottleneck for perceived performance, particularly on mobile devices and in developing nations with less reliable internet connections.
Let’s dig in.
The problem In many browsers, if a custom typeface is declared but hasn’t finished downloading and parsing yet, browsers will leave space for the text but not render it until the file is ready.
This is often called a Flash Of Invisible Text (or FOIT).
vanilla  facebook  vanillajs  fonts  javascript 
2 days ago by jwithy
Laura Worthington | Adobe Fonts
meet Laura at Creative Pro Week 2019
fonts  Adobe  typography 
2 days ago by bk

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