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Atlantic City - Tafadhali - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Rodney is the wind beneath John's wings. Or something equally gay. (A shameless Beaches AU, but with less character death.)
au  kidfic  f:sga  p:rodney/john  oblivious  friendship 
3 hours ago by miss_speller
No. 23. Uncertainty of friendship.
“The most fatal disease of friendship is gradual decay, or dislike hourly increased by causes too slender for complaint, and too numerous for removal.—Those who are angry may be reconciled; those who have been injured may receive a recompense: but when the desire of pleasing and willingness to be pleased is silently diminished, the renovation of friendship is hopeless; as, when the vital powers sink into languor, there is no longer any use of the physician.”
20 hours ago by rianvdm
The First Annual All-Atlantis Paper Airplane Championship - Pennyplainknits - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: John clicked on the newest email in his inbox."The first Annual Atlantis Fun Day." It read. "Including Gate Team tug of war, music from Doctor Z and the ZPMs, an Athosian cook-out, dancing 'til late, and the All-Atlantis Paper Airplane. Championship. Sign-ups (one military and one civilian in each airplane-making team) to Sergeant Campbell by the end of the week."
friendship  p:rodney/john  f:sga  rating:nc-17  l:atlantis 
yesterday by miss_speller
Bucky Barnes Is Five Eleven, and Other Lies He Tells Supervillains - AggressiveWhenStartled - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Sam Wilson trudged back into the house, dripping with sweat, stumbling out of his running shoes and stripping his shirt off as he went. He made it to the kitchen and pulled a carton of orange juice out of the fridge, got the cap off, and almost wore it instead when Bucky Fucking Barnes smacked him upside the back of the head.

“Use a glass, the rest of us gotta drink that,” Barnes complained, sliding a tumbler across the counter at him. “I don’t want your germs.”

Sam looked Barnes in the eye, raised the OJ, and took a healthy swig.

(This. Is. Delightful.)
gen  captainamerica  cap2  mcu  steve/bucky  buckyfic  sam&bucky  friendship  author:aggressivewhenstartled  yesplease  favorite  rec 
2 days ago by thatdamneddame
The key to making and keeping friends as an adult: stop flaking out on plans
“At any given point in time, there are countless versions of our lives that we can see for ourselves, and we’re committed to maintaining that optionality.”

“These relationships are some of the most rewarding parts of my life, and they didn’t just happen. We built them. So the next time you’re faced with the question of whether to show up or not show up for someone, be conscious about how that choice impacts your relationship. Because, for better or worse, it will.”
4 days ago by jasdev
Workin' Men (Somewhere To Go) [SGA]: nolonger19
A/N: After the airing of "Outcast" I had this idea: what if John had gone into the family business, and this was in the same world (or one close to it) as SG-1's "The Road Not Taken" where Rodney's a dot-com millionaire. Then the two of them meet thanks to their wives both having government jobs and having to go to the same shindigs. And the rest is history. tropes said I should, and I quote, "WRITE IT." So I did.
f:sga  p:rodney/john  pre.ship  friendship  au  alternate.reality  o:businessman  cheating 
4 days ago by miss_speller
In Media Res Chapter 1: Scenario I, a merlin fanfic | FanFiction
In the beginning, he was trapped. In the end, he would be free or he would be dead. But for Merlin, the secret sorcerer, and for Arthur, the king who doesn't understand, being stuck in the middle is the worst place to be. And yet, at least they are not stuck alone. A series of one-shot reveal fics
fandom:merlin-bbc  pairing:merlin&arthur  arthur-finds-out  author:MoonMargaret  50000-100000  friendship 
4 days ago by aerten

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