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Mining Functional Patterns
Debasish Ghosh discusses refactoring imperative code into functional patterns, improving code quality from the point of view of modularity, compositionality and simplicity.
functionalprogramming  scala 
2 days ago by jessedavis
Function Composition in Swift
Function composition in Swift leveraging custom operators.
swift  composition  functionalprogramming 
6 days ago by lgtout
FP vs. OO - Clean Coder

FP and OO work nicely together. Both attributes are desirable as part of modern systems. A system that is built on both OO and FP principles will maximize flexibility, maintainability, testability, simplicity, and robustness. Excluding one in favor of the other can only weaken the structure of a system.
oop  FunctionalProgramming  programming  UncleBob 
9 days ago by jefframnani

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