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Climate change is making the Arab world more miserable - Too hot to handle
Expect longer droughts, hotter heatwaves and more frequent dust storms
global  warming  climate  change  near  east 
3 days ago by soobrosa
List of business region acronyms - Wikipedia
This is a list of commonly used acronyms of regional designations used for government, marketing and business purposes.
Wikipedia  Global  Regions  Countries  Continents  Acronyms  Business 
6 days ago by dk33per
Parts Are Not Parts
"Today, management of the supply chain is harder. Supply chain management is more complex. It requires the oversight of a nonlinear, and often very unpredictable, system. Systems thinking is tough for people with a transactional mindset. And we find many teams within a company are very transactional."
demand  driven  ddmrp  erp  lean  mrp  parts  sourcing  supply  chain  insights  global  summit 
9 days ago by jonerp

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