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Analog Fotografie - macodirect ist Ihr Partner in allen Fragen rund um die analoge Fotografie!
Немецкий магаз со всем для аналоговой фотографии
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yesterday by alexeypegov
Workshop on GIS and Historical Network Research (HNR)
This workshop aims at bringing together researchers who work at the intersection of historical research, Network theory and GIS. It will take place at the Heyne Haus, Papendiek 16, Seminarraum 1, Göttingen. via Pocket
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yesterday by kintopp
Opt-Out Service
Die Telekom verwendet Ihre Daten gemäß der gesetzlichen Vorgaben für Analysen, wenn entweder Ihre Einwilligung dazu vorliegt oder nur in anonymisierter Form, wonach ein Rückschluss auf Sie ausgeschlossen ist. Die Telekom anonymisiert Mobilfunkdaten, die in aggregierter Form an das Telekom Tochter-Unternehmen Motionlogic GmbH übergeben werden.
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yesterday by gil
Towards a Model for Encoding Correspondence in the TEI: Developing and Implementing <correspDesc>
Towards a Model for Encoding Correspondence in the TEI: Developing and Implementing <correspDesc>
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3 days ago by kintopp
German page for measuring the performance of the broadband connection.
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3 days ago by taffit
Conservative Merz says Germany benefits from 'weak' euro | Reuters
Asked what he would do about the euro's EUR= exchange rate, Merz replied that Germany had a "higher responsibility for European cooperation" as a result of what he saw as its gains from the single European currency.
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3 days ago by yorksranter

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