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9 minutes ago by jhill5
How Google Influences the Conversation in Washington | WIRED
Google has spent more money on lobbying in each of the last two years than any other company. But that's only the tip of the firm's efforts to influence federal policy.
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48 minutes ago by harcesz
New Zealand video: After shooting, YouTube struggled to shut down humans who outsmarted its systems - The Washington Post
A new recut or repackaged version of the video showing the massacre was uploaded to YouTube every second, chief product officer Neal Mohan said in an interview with The Washington Post, offering the first detailed account of how the crisis unfolded inside the world’s largest video site.
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3 hours ago by noiseguy
Google, Microsoft work together for a year to figure out new type of Windows flaw | Ars Technica
Researcher finds building blocks for privilege escalation: Can they be assembled to create a flaw?
One of the more notable features of Google Project Zero's (GPZ) security research has been its 90-day disclosure policy. In general, vendors are given 90 days to address issues found by GPZ, after which the flaws will be publicly disclosed. But sometimes understanding a flaw and developing fixes for it takes longer than 90 days—sometimes, much longer, such as when a new class of vulnerability is found. That's what happened last year with the Spectre and Meltdown processor issues, and it has happened again with a new Windows issue.
Google researcher James Forshaw first grasped that there might be a problem a couple of years ago when he was investigating the exploitability of another Windows issue published three years ago. In so doing, he discovered the complicated way in which Windows performs permissions checks when opening files or other secured objects. A closer look at the involved parts showed that there were all the basic elements to create a significant elevation of privilege attack, enabling any user program to open any file on the system, regardless of whether the user should have permission to do so. The big question was, could these elements be assembled in just the right way to cause a problem, or would good fortune render the issue merely theoretical?
The basic rule is simple enough: when a request to open a file is being made from user mode, the system should check that the user running the application that's trying to open the file has permission to access the file. The system does this by examining the file's access control list (ACL) and comparing it to the user's user ID and group memberships. However, if the request is being made from kernel mode, the permissions checks should be skipped. That's because the kernel in general needs free and unfettered access to every file.
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3 hours ago by rgl7194
Under Vietnam’s new cybersecurity law, U.S. tech giants face stricter censorship
"When Vietnam’s government took offense at a game on Google’s app store in which a player could battle characters named after the country’s political figures, the tech behemoth caved. It blocked access to the app in Vietnam, one of Asia’s most promising online markets and a country whose communist leaders have long restricted free speech and criticism of the government.

Under a new cybersecurity law that took effect Jan. 1 and may require compliance within a year, those restrictions are poised to become even more onerous. The Vietnamese legislation could serve as a model for other repressive governments of how to control information and suppress dissent online while at the same time continuing to grow a vibrant tech sector — with activists fearing companies will choose lucrative market access over their censorship concerns. Although implementation guidelines are not yet set, the law will not only compel companies such as Google and Facebook to remove content that the government deems offensive but also to store data inside Vietnam. Additionally, they must set up offices in the country, something they are reluctant to do for fear of exposing staff to official pressure or even arrest." - Timothy McLaughlin, Washington Post
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4 hours ago by dmcdev
New Industry Benchmarks for Mobile Page Speed - Think With Google
It’s critical to consider mobile page speed. New research shows how various sectors are performing when it comes to mobile landing page conversions.
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5 hours ago by cnu
Google AI Blog: A Summary of the Google Flood Forecasting Meets Machine Learning Workshop
Posted by Sella Nevo, Senior Software Engineer and Rainier Aliment, Program Manager Recently, we hosted the Google Flood Forecasting Mee... (via Pocket at March 18, 2019 at 03:19PM )
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6 hours ago by amaral
The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is Google Docs - The Atlantic
How a writing tool became the new default way to pass notes in class
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6 hours ago by po

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