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Google Cloud Search - First-Hand Review and Analysis | Search Technologies
In 2002, Google entered the enterprise search space with the introduction of the Google Search Appliance (GSA) - a rack-mounted device that provided document indexing and search functionality. Over time, the GSA gained popularity thanks to a number of powerful features:
Simple setup of a web crawler to index content from an enterprise’s internal websites 
Out-of-the box user interface (UI) to quickly give users access to search 
Connectors to index richer metadata structures and ACLs (Access Control Lists) from a variety of content management systems
Integration with an organization’s authentication systems and leverage of the indexed ACLs to display only the search results that users are allowed to view
As newer technology trends and features were introduced to the market, competitors of the GSA’s search solution started to attract more users. Here are some trends we have spotted over the past few years:
As the migration to the cloud took a strong hold in the enterprise IT, the GSA’s deployment inside an enterprise data center and its lack of auto-scaling capabilities made it less flexible compared to other search solutions.
Other proprietary and open source search solutions continued to evolve their indexing and query APIs at a pace that made the GSA feel rigid.
Although the GSA’s search relevancy models were some of the best, the inability to feed substantially more data to help improve these models put a cap on what the GSA could provide in terms of search relevancy.
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Google Wants to Kill the URL | WIRED
the team is mulling its most controversial initiative yet: fundamentally rethinking URLs across the web.
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Google Cloud Executive Who Sought Pentagon Contract Steps Down - The New York Times
Diane Greene, whose pursuit of Pentagon contracts for artificial intelligence technology sparked a worker uprising at Google, is stepping down as chief executive of the company’s cloud computing business.
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