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HBO’s Misguided Quest to Become Netflix – No Mercy / No Malice – Medium
HBO should be the prize for switching from Verizon to AT&T, where the handset and the messaging/apps/etc can molest people’s data and pitch marketers on their “we’re number three” strategy.

To move HBO to a Netflix strategy is to walk into the Musée d’Orsay and announce, “We need to scale this.”
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22 days ago by lavallee
Media Giants Rev Up Streaming Services to Compete With Netflix – Variety
The direct-to-consumer streaming video business model refined by Netflix is the reason Disney and Comcast chased 21st Century Fox with such fervor. It was a big part of AT&T’s motivation for scooping up Time Warner. It marks the biggest shift in entertainment industry economics in decades, and it is an evolution largely driven by a company that has been in the original content business for barely six years.
television  streamingmedia  Netflix  Disney  Comcast  AT&T  HBO  HBOGo  competition  strategy  review  USA  Variety  2018 
27 days ago by inspiral
REDEF ORIGINAL: Why HBO Needs to Grow (The Future of HBO, Pt. I)
HBO is one of the most successful media brands in history. But like all businesses, it will still need to change and grow if it wants to remain king. Over-the-top distribution means far more than just changing screens.
HBO  television  streamingmedia  profile  review  flywheel  winnertakesall  forecast  REDEF  2018 
5 weeks ago by inspiral

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