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AT&T's Doomed Plans to Turn HBO Into Netflix - The Atlantic
The channel’s stature is what makes it baffling to learn of reports that the new Warner Media chief executive John Stankey recently lectured HBO employees on the hard times ahead. In the eyes of Stankey, an AT&T veteran, HBO is apparently too small, too nimble, and too boutique—ill-fitted for a media world that’s all about size.
HBO  television  streamingmedia  strategy  review  TheAtlantic  2018 
5 days ago by inspiral
Westworld’s free Alexa game is like a radio drama crossed with a quiz show - The Verge
Westworld is known for slipping elaborate story hints into its viral marketing material, giving fans an early look at upcoming plot developments. Westworld: The Maze, a short game released today for Amazon Alexa devices, does the opposite. It’s a clever tie-in narrative that draws on players’ existing knowledge of Westworld lore — or at least their skill at navigating the Westworld wiki.

The Maze follows a voice-controlled “choose your own adventure” format that other Alexa games have used. You play a host who’s just beginning to wake up to the nature of Westworld’s true reality, thanks to some cryptic advice from a mysterious character in Westworld’s Sweetwater saloon. Your goal is to find the center of a metaphorical maze, but to accomplish this, you also need to keep up the appearance of being an ordinary host. That means correctly answering other hosts’ questions about places, events, and people.
westworld  game  Alexa  adventure  voice  voix  amazon  HBO 
21 days ago by sentinelle

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