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(26) Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube
tags: Gerrymandering : Last Week Tonight with John Oliver ( HBO ) - YouTube video ;;;
07:05; gerrymandering as explained by WP ( washington post )
Gerrymandering  :  Last  Week  Tonight  with  John  Oliver  (  HBO  )  -  YouTube  video 
5 days ago by neerajsinghvns
AT&T's WarnerMedia accuses DOJ with 'collaborating' with Dish in HBO dispute | Reuters
If AT&T's accusation is accurate, it would be an extraordinary state of affairs that we would view as a negative for business in general. When the DoJ sued to block AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner, many believed the case was driven by Donald Trump's distaste for CNN, rather than true competitive fears. The DoJ was trounced in its case. The ruling was so lopsided, that Judge Leon took the unusual step of advising the DoJ not to appeal. This supported the view that politics drove the suit; after all, why would an apolitical DoJ bring a case with such low odds of winning. Despite Judge Leon's advice, the DoJ appealed anyway, which further supported the view that it had become an extended arm of the executive branch, rather than an independent body "who prosecutes on behalf of justice". If the DoJ is now collaborating with the private sector to try to punish companies that the President doesn't like, it would introduce significant uncertainty into the overall business environment. Critically, it is unclear whether AT&T has hard evidence to support its claim. Nonetheless, the sequence of events suggests it is very possible, which in itself should be concerning for big companies in the public eye.
shrinkingbundle  t  dish  hbo 
16 days ago by shrinkingbundle
How HBO Is Changing Sex Scenes Forever
"In the wake of #MeToo, the network hired an intimacy coordinator to make the filming of sex scenes on ‘The Deuce’ safe for all. Now, they’re doing it for every show and movie they produce"
hbo  television  tv  sex  davidsimon  thedeuce 
23 days ago by grahams
Vulture Streaming Guide
This month's new and expiring shows on HBO, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime
video  movies  tv  streaming  hbo  netflix  hulu  amazon 
27 days ago by rcade
AT&T building new streaming service from HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. content | FierceVideo
The next year will be a period of significant fragmentation in video. However, it seems unlikely consumers will pay for more than 3-5 subscription video services. More than that becomes expensive, a lot to manage, and offers more content than even a large family of couch potatoes could ever watch. We believe the linear bundle will remain a core package, and Netflix and Amazon already have incumbent positions that are quite solid (although many may not view Prime as a video subscription). In most households, that means everyone else (Disney, ESPN+, CBS, AT&T, Discovery, Viacom, Wal-mart, Apple, etc) will be battling for just one or two slots. Winning in that environment will likely require very significant investment to create a consumer value proposition that stands out from the crowd. Most will likely fail, and either disappear entirely or rebundle their content into one of the services that has scale in viewers and can pay more than the content owners can generate on their own. It's hard to have a view on AT&Ts service without seeing it. But, a price tag north of $15 will require extraordinary value to get any meaningful number of subs to stick with it.
shrinkingbundle  t  hbo  OTT 
5 weeks ago by shrinkingbundle
New Movies & TV Shows on HBO GO and HBO NOW in October 2018 - Thrillist
(This isn’t a bad listing of what’s coming and going from HBO. Granted, this particular page is from October 2018, but presumably they’d keep this up.)
“A new month is here, which means a fresh slate of HBO’s usual range of high-profile originals and first television runs of major films. Here are all the movies and TV shows arriving on both the HBO GO and HBO NOW apps in the month ahead.”
hbo  tv  thrillist  2018 
7 weeks ago by handcoding

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