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Introduction to Motion Estimation with Optical Flow
In this tutorial, we dive into the fundamentals of Optical Flow, look at some of its applications and implement its two main variants (sparse and dense).
computer-vision  flow  ifttt  machine-learning  Hacker_News  optical  Pocket  toread 
26 days ago by xer0x
vsoch/watchme: Reproducible watchers for research
Reproducible watchers for research. Contribute to vsoch/watchme development by creating an account on GitHub.
change  web  html  watcher  content  http  monitoring  Hacker_News  IFTTT  notification  toread  webdev 
29 days ago by xer0x
A Bookstore, Finally, Comes to the Bronx - The New York Times
> "Up to that point I had measured my success by how far I could get away from the Bronx,'' she told me recently. "I was disappointed in myself for thinking about leaving a community in no better condition that I had found it,'' she said.

> "Let's Bring a Goddamn Bookstore to the Bronx.''
toread  hacker_news 
29 days ago by jefftriplett
How to register a company for a startup in the USA: comprehensive guide
Read the most comprehensive guide on How to Register a Company in the USA for a sturtup. All the details that make an incorporation of a company smooth.
business  startup  ifttt  company  legal  via:popular  entrepreneurship  Hacker_News  startups  (popular 
4 weeks ago by atran

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