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xmobar/Weather.hs at master · jaor/xmobar
Actual source of the Weather plugin. It's hard to find a reference for what this is doing.
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yesterday by brennen
An opinionated guide to Haskell in 2018
For me, this month marks the end of an era in my life: as of February 2018, I am no longer employed writing Haskell. It’s been a fascinating two years, and while I am excitedly looking forward to what I’ll be doing next, it’s likely I will continue to wri...
haskell  best-practices  2018 
2 days ago by raskchanky
Freer Monads, More Better Programs :: Reasonably Polymorphic
As best I can tell, the community roughly fragments itself along four lines---those who like mtl, those who say "just do everything in Reader IO", those who like the three layer cake, and those who think free(r) monads are worth their weight in gold.
2 days ago by nicolashery

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