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Washington Monthly | The Trump Administration’s Assault on Asylum Seekers
rgent cries for help recently rang out from an abandoned factory in Piedras Negras, Mexico. More than a thousand asylum seekers, including young children, are locked in there against their will, without blankets or basic necessities.
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1 hour ago by kbrobeck
Britain needs a day of reckoning. Brexit will provide it | Nesrine Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
It has laid bare our political class, squirming pathetically and uselessly under the micro-scrutiny of Brexit. To paraphrase Jeff Bezos, Brexit rolled over the log and we saw what crawled out. The cavalier incompetence of David Davis, the dissimulating of Boris Johnson, the utter pointlessness of Michael Gove, the existence of Jacob Rees-Mogg and the dishonest and regressive elitism he represents. We have seen ministers entrusted with the future of the country learn on the job, and then flee the scene – revealing Westminster in general, and the Tories in particular, as a Ponzi scheme, a confidence trick. We now realise that the business of serious politics in this country rewards those whose only skill is keeping up the appearance of having a skill.
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Revealed: how Home Office hires out staff to hunt migrants | UK news | The Guardian
Migrants’ rights experts warned that the service was the latest example of the government “trying to embed immigration checks in every aspect of life in the UK”.
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8 hours ago by Ciudilo

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