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The Interactive Fiction Database - IF and Text Adventures
The Interactive Fiction Database is an IF game catalog and recommendation engine. IFDB is a Wiki-style community project: members can add new game listings, write reviews, exchange game recommendations, and more
interactive  fiction  database 
yesterday by gdw
PostgreSQL Exercises
Fully browser-based SQL tutorial that goes up to the advanced stuff.
learning  sql  tutorial  free  interactive 
3 days ago by nebkor
Experience the Night Watch
Step across the red cord, take captain Frans Banninck Cocq’s hand, zoom in and let yourself be carried away into the world of the Nightwatch. Dozens of stories will shed light on what makes the Nightwatch such a unique painting. Who exactly are those militia men? Where is Rembrandt hiding? Who is the girl? Unravel its secrets, find the hidden symbols, work out who carries the flag and learn how Rembrandt, after all those centuries, still manages to manipulate our gaze.
Rijksmuseum  interactive 
3 days ago by stacker
generated-space - generative algorithms
Generated Space is the result of a year-long endeavour to make computers do unexpected things.

It presents a wide range of different generative algorithms; from organic flow fields and particle systems to rigid fractals and grammar-based shapes. Some more serious than others.

All the code is open source and available on GitHub, so feel free to change and improve upon any sketches that interests you.

For any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact me. ~Kjetil
gallery  art  generative  interactive  images 
4 days ago by RBarnard
This is a cellular automaton that implements Pong.
cellular_automata  pong  distributed_algorithm  interactive 
4 days ago by jbkcc
What will climate feel like in 60 years?
An interactive map that predicts the climates of 540 North American urban areas—currently populated by 250 million residents—in 2080. When you select a city on the map, it links to a region that currently has a similar climate to what is expected for a chosen city in 60 years. You can run pessimistic projections of a future in which we have done nothing to curb greenhouse gas emissions, or select a more hopeful option where emissions peak in 2040, and then recede.
climate  comparison  map  interactive  science 
5 days ago by timstahmer
vasyop/miniC-hosting: A simple stack-based virtual machine that runs C in the browser.
A simple stack-based virtual machine that runs C (missing features below) in the browser.

The beginning of an interactive tutorial that covers C, how the VM works, and how the language is compiled.
js  javascript  c  interactive  vm 
6 days ago by wjy
Creating an interactive SVG metro map with JointJS - Netvlies
46 communicatieve vakidioten met 21 jaar ervaring in complexe online projecten
joint  js  map  javascript  network  interactive 
6 days ago by jgear
Tutorial - Creating an Interactive SVG map - Blog - Parallax
A tutorial on how to draw vector graphics in the browser using SVG and javascript to create an interactive map of the UK
creating  an  interactive  SVG  map  network  floor  plan 
6 days ago by jgear
Interactive visualization as mediator between human and machine intelligence
Machine learning models are only as unbiased and fair as the data they were trained on. This limitation shifted into the focus of research when models became increasingly applied to real-world tasks and thus became more and more involved in our daily life. via Pocket
algorithm  interactive  machine  models  visualization 
9 days ago by kintopp

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